We believe in a near future where everyone can easily make any 3D objects by using inexpensive desktop equipment.
Fabbaloo tracks developments in the amazing technology of 3D Printing, publishing news and analysis daily. Whether from a manufacturer’s press release, onsite coverage of events or just some crazy ideas we thought up, our posts will keep you up to date.



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Fabbaloo is written (mostly) by Canadian Kerry Stevenson, who has been fascinated with 3D printing after seeing the idea introduced by Star Trek decades ago - and now it is a reality.

He's been writing Fabbaloo since it began in October 2007 under the gradually-becoming-less-mysterious pseudonym "General Fabb".


Fabbaloo’s business operations are managed by Marney Stapley, whose marketing expertise and administrative wizardry began shaping Fabbaloo in 2014.

Marney is responsible for all products, services and business relationships as well as business growth strategies at Fabbaloo.


Contributors periodically write posts for Fabbaloo based on their experience and expertise in the 3D printing industry. If you would like to become a contributor, please contact us at info@fabbaloo.com and we'll have a chat! We're currently looking for those who want to express their opinions to the 3D print community worldwide. 



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