Fabbaloo Advertising – Media Kit

Fabbaloo offers a variety of advertising and promotional services for companies to access our 3D print-focused readers. If you need to promote your product or service to the 3D print industry, we have a way for you to do it. One hundred percent of our readers are interested in 3D printing - that's all we talk about! 

Fabbaloo is viewed by thousands of readers every month and is one of the very few daily high-volume blogs dedicated entirely to the 3D printing and personal manufacturing space, and as far as we can tell, the oldest 3D print blog in existence. Readers represent a broad spectrum of relevant interests, including design firms, architects, service providers and hobbyists. Over 50,000 monthly visitors from USA, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Netherlands and 200+ other countries generate over 150,000+ page views per month and growing strongly. 

We pride ourselves in writing stories that are thought-provoking and provide an analysis of current events in the 3D print industry.

3D Printing Recommendations

We currently provide recommendations for desktop 3D printers, industrial 3D printers, 3D design software, 3D model sources, 3D printing services and 3D print material sources. Why not enable prospects to visit your site or gain a lead? We offer several ways to participate.

  • Desktop 3D Printer Recommendations:  Annual subscription free of USD$200.
  • Industrial 3D Printer Recommendations: Lead generation capture. Only pay per lead. Contact us for price. 
  • 3D Design Software: Annual subscription fee of USD$200. Open source and free software are provided links at no charge. 
  • 3D Model Sources: Annual subscription fee of USD$200. Repositories offering only free downloads are provided links at no charge. 
  • 3D Printing Services: Annual subscription fee of USD$200. 
  • 3D Print Material Sources: Annual subscription fee of USD$200.
  • 3D Print Event Guide: Subscription to event date of USD$200.

For an additional USD$200 a year, we can highlight and feature your business for the year.

If you have questions about our 3D Print Recommendation Engine, please contact us

Product Placement and Embedded Marketing

Allow your business name or image of your product stand-out in a number of different ways - Facebook, Twitter, Newsletter,, Google+, LinkedIn, embedded text link, etc., linked to a participating business website.

This form of Advertising may potentially be the most powerful in terms of views for your business. Please contact us to discuss your specific needs.

Note: We do not accept pre-written advertising pieces; all our stories are originally written by our authors.  We only publish material that is relevant to our topic and beneficial to our readers. 

Price: Negotiable.

3D Print Consultant and Speaking Opportunities

We do have the ability to provide certain consulting services and/or public presentations related to 3D printing. Please contact us for details.

Online Advertising

Have your custom graphic appear on Fabbaloo pages. We offer three options, each sold in batches of 10,000 pageviews. Your will be published at a frequency matching your campaign’s requirements. Multiple graphics can be rotated and animated GIFs are accepted. 

  • Top Banner: Most visibility and most frequently views, appears on all pages. 728 x 90 CPM ad units on the top of each page. USD$250 per 10,000 page views. Contact us using the form below. 
  • In-Post: Advertising units of 300 x 250 size appear randomly placed throughout every blog post. USD$150 per 10,000 views. Contact us using the form below. 
  • Advertising in our newsletter. USD$200 a week or USD$800 a month. The newsletter is sent our daily to over 2,000 subscribers a day.  

NOTE: We strongly recommend clients consider using our custom design service to create compelling advertising graphics for your campaign. See details here.

Contact us through our enquiry form

Free Community Advertising

Fabbaloo offers the opportunity for non-profit groups to obtain free advertising services to our worldwide audience. If you're interested, please check out our Community page

News Tips

If you would like to send us a Press Release or news tips, feel free to send them to info@Fabbaloo.com