What's Inside AON3D's Monster 3D Printer?

AON3D is a Montreal-based company manufacturing an incredible industrial 3D printer.

The Least Expensive 3D Printer Ever? The PlyBot Desktop 3D Printer is Coming

We ran into a new inexpensive 3D printer that supposedly will be launched later this year, the PlyBot.

Design of the Week: Desktop CT and 3D Scanner

This week’s selection is the detailed Desktop CT and 3D Scanner by Instructables contributor JBumstead. 

An Interesting Angle on Metal Prototyping

Prototyping has long been a key application for 3D printing, but here’s a new approach. 

This is New: 3D Printed Fingerprints

I read of an unusual application of 3D printing involving fingertips. 

The Several Methods of Dual Extrusion

With the increasing buzz over the near-necessity of dual extrusion, we thought we’d say a few words about how this is done. 

The Ultimate Thing Has Occurred: 3D Printed Beer!

It’s not exactly 3D, but it is printing, and it is beer, and there are lessons for 3D printing companies. 

AMUG Lands in St. Louis for Biggest Conference Yet

Come for the blues, stay for the Additive Manufacturing Users Group (AMUG) Conference. 

What's Happening at Create It REAL?

Create It REAL just received a significant investment.

3D Systems Announces Surprise Financial Results

This week 3D Systems announced their financial results for the 1st quarter of 2018, as well as their full 2017 results - and it was a bit of a surprise. 

They Are 3D Printing Embyros Now, Apparently

I’m reading a puzzling story on UK’s Daily Mirror that describes a company 3D printing embryo replicas.

PolyPort Is The 3D Asset Protection You’ve Been Waiting For

When we last looked at PolyPort (formerly D3CRYPT3D), they were just buttoning up their shiny start-up pants, but already dropping jaws with their approach to 3D asset protection.

Milestone: Longest 3D Print Achieved

Made In Space achieved a very important milestone: the longest 3D print yet made. 

3D Printing From Spain's Dynamical Tools

Spain’s Dynamical Tools markets a series of powerful industrial 3D printers.

Solidscape's New S390 High-Rez Jewelry 3D Printer

Solidscape announced a powerful new 3D printer designed for jewelers. 

Kristel Van den Bergh – “3D Printing is not the Panacea some claim it to be – but the untapped potential is huge!”

Kristel Van den Bergh is a creative intrapreneur with a deep passion for people and technology. 

Senvol Joins The US Navy

Senvol has contracted with the US Navy to develop very powerful 3D printing software. 

The Spectrum of 3D Printer Operators and Why It Is Important

I have a suspicion that many people don’t recognize there are some very different types of people using 3D printers, each with unique characteristics. 

ZYYX Developing Metal Printer?

Magicfirm Europe, the company behind the professional desktop ZYYX 3D Printer series, announced they’re working on a 3D metal printer. 

Book of the Week: Aurora

This week’s selection is the very entertaining Aurora, by noted Science Fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson.