Occipital’s 3D Sensor and 3D Scanning Availability

One of the ways to generate 3D models is through 3D scanning, which might become more available with Occipital’s 3D sensor. 

Don’t Replace Your 3D Printer Resin Tanks, Recoat Them

One of the surprises encountered when using resin-powered 3D printers is that the resin tanks are a consumable. 

Aerojet Rocketdyne Refines 3D Printing for Rocket Engines

As additive manufacturing (AM) is incorporated into the larger manufacturing ecosystem, the technology has to prove itself capable of standing up to more and more critical tasks.

3YOURMIND to Automatically Find 3D Printable Parts

In what could be a very powerful partnership, 3D model analysis firm 3YOURMIND is working with EOS to identify printable parts. 

The Practicality of 3D Printing Your Own Spare Parts

One of the simple memes revolving around desktop 3D printers is the notion of producing your own spare parts, Is this really feasible? 

MIT and Steelcase’s New Rapid Liquid Printing Tech: So Many Questions!

Steelcase partnered with MIT to develop a radical new method of 3D printing. 

Top 3 Onshape Updates: Projected Curve, Bridging Curve, Merge Surfaces

Late last week Onshape rolled out another major release.

Implications of Desktop Metal’s Production 3D Metal Printer

Yesterday, Desktop Metal announced two revolutionary new 3D metal printers for both prototyping and production use. Let’s look at the Production system. 

Implications of Desktop Metal’s Studio 3D Metal Printer

Yesterday Desktop Metal finally unveiled not one, but two startling 3D metal printers. One of them is the Studio. 

The ComeTrue T10 Color 3D Printer

There are certainly not a great many choices when seeking a full, RGB color texture 3D printer, but MicroJet’s ComeTrue T10 is one of them. 

Some Very Strong 3D Print Materials from Arevo Labs

I’m looking at Avero Labs’s collection of unusual 3D print materials today. 

Desktop Metal Finally Surfaces With Two Startling Products

Desktop Metal has finally shown their 3D metal printing technology, and from a first look, it does appear to be game changing in several respects. 

An Extensive Library of 3D Parts Models

I’ve been perusing PARTcommunity and found access to an incredible number of 3D part models.

Dissolvable Supports for 3D Metal Printing?

Researchers at Arizona State University have developed a very interesting method of providing dissolvable supports for 3D metal prints. 

You Might Say This is a Titanic 3D Print

BernCo Models has produced a 1/72 3D printed version of the famous Titanic liner - and it sails just like the real thing. 

Kentstrapper Introduces the MAVIS Professional 3D Printer

Italy-based Kentstrapper introduced the MAVIS, a new, large format professional 3D printer. 

The Proforge: How to Launch a Desktop 3D Printer Properly

With all the questionable 3D printer launches recently, it’s nice to see one that makes sense. 

Design of the Week: 3D Printed Sundial

This week’s selection is the amazing 3D printed sundial by Mojotpix. 

Fun Messages from the 3D Print World

As a popular publication in the 3D print world, we receive a ton of messages; some of theme are rather unusual. 

Making Threaded Parts for 3D Printing: Easier Than You Think

Budget-Conscious makers have been challenged to develop threaded holes and bolts for their designs, but that problem seems to be going away.