Software is Often Greater than Hardware in 3D Printing

I’m reading a press release from SMARTTECH and noticed a common pattern in the industry. 

Metal 3D Printing Goes Small in a Big Way

Metals. Humans have been developing innovative ways to use these electric-conducive, often shiny, malleable materials for centuries. 

3D System's Strategy Continues to Unfold

When we wrote on 3D Systems’ strategy a few days ago, we didn’t realize it would unfold this quickly.

Kentstrapper Introduces Dual Independent Extrusion

Italy-based Kentstrapper introduced a very attractive new option for their popular Mavis desktop 3D printer: independent extruders. 

Microsoft's Online 3D Model Repair Tool

I have no idea how I missed this, but there is another free method for repairing broken 3D models.

Watch Industrial Designer Eric Strebel’s Method for Making 120 Cast Parts From Scratch

Always one for ingenuity, Eric Strebel puts his industrial design expertise to good use even with the simplest of tasks. 

And Now - 3D Printed Critical Aircraft Parts?

Aerospace has long been interested in 3D metal printing, but it seems a milestone may have been hit. 

3D Printed Buildings: Do They Make Sense In Your Region?

A project in Dubai is to print habitable villas to be actually occupied by residents. 

The 3D Metal Printing Business Appears to be Very Good

A 3D metal printing service recently quadrupled its capacity. 

Nicole Wake – “Although 3D printing is being utilized at many hospitals, I’d like to see it become fully incorporated into the medical infrastructure"

Nicole Wake, a PhD candidate in biomedical imaging at the Sackler Institute of Graduate Biomedical Sciences at NYU School of Medicine, is investigating the intersection of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), 3D printing, and medical practice

Aurora Labs Seeking Dramatic 3D Metal Printing Speeds

Australia-based Aurora Labs has published their roadmap for ultra-fast 3D metal printing.

Fabric 3D Printing Craze Hits

There’s a bit of a craze underway with several people exploring the process of 3D printing on fabric. 

The HBOT 3D F300 Desktop 3D Printer

We had a look at the powerful F300 professional 3D printer from HBOT 3D. 

Book of the Week: Motors for Makers

This week’s selection is “Motors for Makers” by Matthew Scarpino.

Kodak Gets Stickier

Kodak 3D Printing has announced a partnership agreement that should make their equipment a bit more sticky with users. 

3D Print Materials Copyright Law Battle

Micheal Weinberg writes of an interesting legal battle taking place over use of third party 3D print materials. 

Design of the Week: DIY Sneaker

This week’s selection is the incredible 3D printed DIY Sneaker by Georg Simon Ohm.

All the Details on 3D Metal Printing Issues You'll Ever Need

We encountered a lengthy video that details the challenges of 3D metal printing. 

Additive World Hits 6

The sixth episode of Additive World takes place next month. 

An Update on 3D Systems' Strategy

We had a sit-down with 3D Systems’ CEO Vyomesh Joshi and got a first-hand explanation of the companies moves.