E3D Announces the Titan Aero

3D printer hardware maker E3D-Online announced today the Titan Aero, an interesting combo product. 

Is It Time To Consider an Affordable Laser Sintering 3D Printer?

I’m wondering if there is a product category being ignored by some 3D printer buyers.

HP and SIGMADESIGN Launch Material Development Kit for 3D Printing

Key to HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology is its open materials platform

Think You Can Keep Up With 3D Print Patents? Think Again

There’s a lot more going on in 3D printing than anyone would suspect. 

Very Interesting Statements in Stratasys’ 2016 Filing

Stratasys has released their US tax Form 20-F and in it there is a wealth of information about the company’s operations. 

Metal 3D Print Price Crashes at i.Materialise

Things just got a little bit more interesting: i.Materialise just dropped their price for aluminum 3D prints.

3D Printed Baby Model with Functional Organs May Help Doctors Save Infant Lives

Performing surgery isn’t a perfect science, and even doctors need to practice their skills, especially when it comes to children. 

3D Systems Officially Announces Their Long Awaited Figure 4 Platform

3D printer manufacturer 3D Systems finally announced perhaps the worst-kept secret: the Figure 4 Production Platform. 

Many Interesting 3D Printing Projects Proposed at the Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2017

The winners of the Additive World Design for Additive Manufacturing Challenge 2017 have been chosen by a jury and there are some very interesting projects on the list. 

Carbon Patents “Epoxy Dual Cure Resin” Process

It seems that Carbon has been awarded a new patent this week. 

Laura Hockaday – “When I Was Pitched the Idea of Building a Living Heart Valve Replacement Using 3D Printing, I Was Blown Away”

Laura Hockaday Kang attended Cornell University in the Biomedical Engineering Department.

Extreme 3D Printing Automation at Voodoo Manufacturing

Voodoo Manufacturing’s amazing project Skywalker portends an explosive robotic future. 

Is a 3D Print Speed Benchmark Possible?

A reader asked if a print speed benchmark existed. I’m not sure such a thing could exist. 

“Envision The Future” 3D Printed Design Challenge Launched To Help The Blind and Visually Impaired

A partnership between MatterHackers, e_NABLE, Aleph Objects and Pinshape has sponsored a worthy design challenge. 

Method for Selectively Polishing 3D Prints Proposed

Researchers are refining a very simple process for smoothing 3D prints. 

Coobx’s Exigo 3D Printer LIFTs in High Resolution

A small company has produced what appears to be a very attractive option for high resolution 3D printing. 

Stratasys’ Invisible Internal Transformation

Stratasys is one of the largest 3D printing companies in the world, and they mean to keep it that way. 

Design of the Week: Splashlight

This week’s selection is the surprising Splashlight by Australia-based Avooq Creations. 

ExOne in 2016: Improving, But Seeking the Long Game

3D printer manufacturer ExOne released their 2016 financial results and there are some interesting aspects to their situation. 

Evidence of Gaseous Corruption in 3D Metal Printing

A study by LPW Technology reveals some of the complexities of performing 3D metal printing with powder processes.