CEL-Robox’s Unique Solution to The Retraction Problem: The Needle Valve

Cel-Robox’s desktop 3D printer has a feature I hadn’t noticed previously: needle valves. 

Watching Manufactured Plastic Objects Melt Up-Close is Strangely Fascinating

While Gallagher might have pioneered the act of destroying things for the amusement of a late night TV audience, YouTube has certainly helped reinvent it.

Fabbaloo’s Buying Guide Expands

We’ve added a new section to our interactive Buying Guides: Events

Arfona’s r.Pod Could Put a Dent Into Dental 3D Printer Companies

Brooklyn-based 3D printer startup Arfona has come up with a unique solution for dental applications: the r.Pod, and it could signal bad news for many dental 3D printer companies. 

Could Custom Eyewear 3D Prints Become Widespread? Fuel3D’s New Scanner Might Make It So

Fuel3D announced a new “mirror” 3D scanner that could lead to advanced eyewear applications. 

Lisa Federici – “It’s Ok to Be a Mom, an Entrepreneur, a Wife, a Student and an Employee All at Once. You Can Do This and You Can Succeed”

Lisa is the CEO of Scansite, a provider of 3D scanning, 3D inspection, and reverse engineering services, located in the Bay Area. 

Two 3D Printer Companies Offer New Innovative Materials Products

There’s much competition in the world of 3D print materials, given the vast number of devices loose in the world. Innovation is key and two companies announced new products along that line. 

A Metamaterial Demonstration Suggests Insane Future 3D Applications

I’m watching a video demonstrating a “meta material mechanism” and the mind boggles at what become of this concept.

Prusa Adds Sophisticated Calibration System

The Prusa crew have developed a rather sophisticated automated calibration system for their most recent desktop 3D printer, the Prusa i3 MK2. 

Is Carbon Fiber Filament a Marketing Gimmick?

Running a small product design and 3D printing business, shookideas.com, I receive questions about carbon fiber filament almost every week. 

Kúla’s 3D Camera Gadget is Almost a 3D Scanner

Reykjavík-based Kúla has produced a gadget that can - almost - transform any smartphone into a rudimentary 3D scanner. 

Serious Implications to 3D Printing After GE’s Acquisition

A few weeks ago General Electric announced the acquisition of not one, but two metal 3D printing companies. The implications are quite serious. 

Design of the Week: Scoop

This week’s selection is the elegantly simple “Scoop” by YouMagine contributor Zayak. 

Stratasys, a Materials Company? Of course!

I got a chuckle reading a post on Seeking Alpha proposing that Stratasys might be changing into a materials company. 

Robo 3D Updates Their Desktop 3D Printer Line With TWO New Machines

After several successful years, startup Robo3D has significantly updated their product line with a couple of sophisticated low-cost desktop 3D printers.

Motivations Behind the 3D Printing Mergers: Some Beneficial, Some Devious

A new infographic portraying recent 3D printing industry corporate mergers prompts me to talk about the reasons why these things happen. 

Hands on With Fiberlogy’s new FiberFlex 40D 3D Printer Filament

We obtained a small sample of Fiberlogy’s new FiberFlex 40D 3D printer filament and performed some basic testing. 

A First Look at Figure 4, Industrial 3D Printing from 3D Systems

As the industrial 3D printing market shifts into fifth gear, all of the major 3D printer manufacturers are unveiling new systems best fitted for end part production. 

MakerBot’s Peculiar, But Very Appropriate Announcement

This week MakerBot unleashed a series of announcements regarding their products, services and supplies. 

Interesting Extruder Concept is More Complex Than It Appears

An extruder concept proposed by Reddit contributor lxo96 poses some interesting questions.