3D Printed Filtration Systems: Possible Or Not?

There’s some interesting research on the ability of 3D printing technologies and their ability to produce unusual membranes. 

Reading Between the Lines of 3D Hubs’ Latest Trends Report

I found it interesting to see some long term patterns appearing in  3D Hubs’ monthly trends report. 

MakePrintable Launches!

Cloud-based 3D model repair service MakePrintable launched version 1.0 today. 

Sisma Broadens 3D Printer Portfolio with Bigger Metal and SLA

Compared to plastic 3D printing technology, metal additive manufacturing (AM) is relatively young. 

Uniz’s Sideways 3D Printer

Sometimes companies come up with a new angle on 3D printing. Now Uniz has literally developed a 90 degree angle on their new prototype. 

A 3D Print Newbie Tries Out MakerBot’s Replicator+

When I was asked if I would mind reviewing a 3D printer from a new user perspective, tt took me all of a few seconds to agree to the testing and then counted down the days for the printer to arrive. 

Just Because That 3D Printer Company Stock is Rising Doesn’t Mean They’re Successful

You’d think that the stock price of a company indicates its success, but that’s not always the case. 

Onshape In-Context Assembly Design is Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Throughout all the years (decades? yeow!) I’ve use 3D modeling software, I can’t think of a time where I didn’t use some type of in-context assembly design. 

There’s Still Time To Enter The Additive World Design Challenge

Every year a significant design contest takes place in Eindhoven

Executive Shifts at MakerBot are a Huge Signal of Their Intentions

MakerBot CEO Jonathan Jaglom is now the former CEO of MakerBot Industries. 

The Strange “Nix…” Color 3D Printer

I’m looking at a recent Kickstarter launch for a machine billed as “The World First High Resolution Full Color 3D Printer”. 

Susan Taing – “As Focused as You Think You Are Now, You Can Be Even More Focused.”

Susan founded and led Bhold to strong recognition from both the maker and design communities

If MCOR Was Not Exhibiting At CES, Why Were They There?

This year’s CES exhibition in Las Vegas was notable in the 3D space primarily by the missing presence of several large industrial vendors. Except one, sort of. 

MakerBot’s Interesting 2-For-1 Deal May Indicate Changes

This week I received an interesting deal offer from MakerBot: Buy two machines and get one free. But is there more to the story? 

Questionable Ratings Plague Amazon 3D Printer Listings

Shopping for a 3D printer on Amazon? Watch out for twisted product ratings. 

3D Printed Hand Replicas – A New Security Concern

Digital technology gives us more capabilities and even lets us have a lot of fun. 

Something Very Interesting is Going On at Something 3D

The curiously-named Something 3D company has figured out a way to actually 3D print color objects with a filament extruder. 

What’s Behind Sculpteo’s AI Venture?

Last week 3D print service Sculpteo announced a series of AI-based tools to simplify use of their system. But what’s driving them to this? 

Design of the Week: Assembled Catapult

This week’s selection is the well-designed “Assembled printed catapult without support” by France-based Genapart.

3D Printed Weapons to be Produced by US Department of Defense

A very curious solicitation from the US DOD requests “explosive” 3D printer materials.