Stepping Through Sculpteo’s Annual 3D Printing Survey

Each year Sculpteo performs an interesting survey of the 3D printing community and the results this year show some interesting trends. 

MakerOS Provides Even Deeper Integration for 3D Printing Businesses

We’ve been watching MakerOS for several years now and they’ve always provided significant updates. Now there’s another one. 

BigRep Solves Their Own Problem and Everyone Else’s Too

BigRep introduced a new 3D printer filament that could make life much easier for many 3D print operators. 

Leslie Frost – “Aerospace is in its infancy with 3D printing and it is just beginning to realize the true capabilities of additive manufacturing”

Leslie Frost manages Arcam’s marketing efforts globally for the EBM business along with AP&C’s powder business and DTI’s orthopedic contract manufacturing business since April 2016. 

Stratasys’ Stealth 3D Metal Printing Strategy

Of all the major 3D printing companies, only one lacks a 3D metal printer product: Stratasys. Or do they? 

M3D Officially Launches New 3D Printer Product Line

As revealed some months ago, desktop 3D printer manufacturer has officially released their new product line, which includes two 3D printers for desktop use. 

Affordable Clay 3D Printing with ClayXYZ

A startup company has launched a 3D printer specifically designed for clay 3D printing. 

An Unusual 3D Printing Filament from

There’s plenty of competition in the 3D printer filament market these days, so it takes a lot to stand out among the crowd. It seems that has done so with their new “k-top” product. 

Police Using 3D Printing?

We’ve received a press release from the UK’s Hawk 3D Proto, who apparently have equipped a police department with a 3D printer. 

Design of the Week: Motorized Saber Toothed Tiger

This week’s selection is the fun Saber Tooth Tiger model by Greg Zumwalt.

Another Industry Ripe for 3D Printing Advantages?

I’m reading a story about a 3D printed surfboard, and it suggests another, wider use of 3D printing tech.

German RepRap Sells The Silicone 3D Printer

At Rapid last week we spoke with representatives from German RepRap and found out something interesting. 

Win Your Own Desktop 3D Printer - Enter Today!

Did you know you could win one of two desktop 3D printers in our contest this month? 

Could 3D Printer Hotends Improve With Heatron’s System?

At Rapid last week we came across a very intriguing piece of hardware from Heatron.

3D Hubs Adds Indirect Metal 3D Printing to Network

What companies like Markforged, Desktop Metal and Admatec reintroduced to the world of manufacturing was the idea that 3D printing is already capable of producing metal parts through indirect methods. 

An Ultrasonic Welding-Powered 3D Printer

I’m a sucker for an entirely new 3D printing process, and that’s what I walked into when I encountered Fabricsonic last week.

Impossible Objects Develops a Sheet-Based 3D Printing System

The last time we heard of Impossible Objects, they were receiving funding in 2014. Now we’ve seen their 3D printer in person. 

A USD$49 3D Printer? Can It Be True?

China-USA based Kodama is set to release a USD$49 desktop 3D printer, and I may be a bit skeptical of this project. 

Top 3 Onshape Updates: Composite Curve, 3D Fit Spline, DXF/DWG Import

Onshape snuck one in on us last Friday. 

How Is 3D Printing Disrupting the Supply Chain?

The typical supply chain starts with the acquisition of raw material, leads into the production phase and, eventually, results in warehouse storage and retail distribution.