3D Print The Moon - Or At Least Some Bits Of It

I bumped into some ready-to-3D print 3D models of the lunar surface. 

3D Platform Hints at Giant 3D Printer

3D Platform makes them big, and this is no exception. 

Builder Refines US Strategy

Builder, the Netherlands-based manufacturer of some very large 3D printers, has established their US marketing strategy. 

Inside Stratasys Metal 3D Printing Spin-Off Vulcan Labs

Recently, 3D printing stalwart Stratasys spun off not one, but two companies. 

Atum3D's Interesting New Partner

Atum3D made a very interesting move. 

More Interesting Stuff in 3D Hubs' Q2 Report

3D Hubs once again released their quarterly report today, and as always there are interesting observations. 

Shapeways Grows Again

Shapeways unexpectedly announced a rather large investment round today. 

See How McLaren Uses VR for Car Body Design

Before automobile technology even reached the point where two cup holders in a single car was an ovation inducing breakthrough

MatterHackers Announces Advanced Desktop 3D Printer

3D print reseller MatterHackers announced a new bundle featuring a more advanced device, the Pulse XE.

Stratasys Working On New PEKK Material

Stratasys announced a new material that has some very interesting properties. 

There is No "Best 3D Printer", Unless There Is One For You

I read with amusement an investment piece proclaiming the “best 3D printers”. 

Fawn Medesha – “3D printed homes could quickly provide housing for disaster victims”

As Founder and CEO of It’s 3D Now! Fawn Medesha owns a 3D printing services organization

A Look at Apis Cor's 3D Construction Printer

Apis Cor says they are the first company to produce a mobile construction 3D printer, and they may in fact be right. 

Making It Easier to Create 3D Printed Applications

3D printing technology is a wonder of the 21st century, but it’s still quite hard to create applications. 

Are Pellets Better Than Filament?

A company has introduced an attachment for desktop 3D printers to use pellets instead of filament. 

Book of the Week: A Hands-On Introduction to Topology Optimization

This week’s selection is the detailed work, “A Hands-On Introduction to Topology Optimization” by  Amir M. Mirzendehdel.

3D Printer Manufacturers: Who's in the Lead?

An interesting report by Context reveals the “top five” 3D printers. 

Upping The Boom on Hypersonics

The US Department of Defense has been using 3D printing in an unusual manner. 

Design of the Week: Orbit

This week’s selection is “Orbit”, the amazing set of animated spinning tops by designer Tor Robinson.

Secrets of 3D Print Pricing

One of the trickier aspects of operating 3D printers for hire is that of pricing prints.