WARNING: No 3D Printed Weapons!

The College of Charleston in South Carolina does not want you to 3D print any weapons. 

3D Printed Soft Robots Could Be "A Thing"

Eindhoven-based 3D print aficionado Joris Peels makes the case for 3D printed soft robots. 

3 Essential Industries Currently Incorporating 3D Technology

The past several years have seen 3D technology change from a niche specialized tool to an entirely new method of manufacturing and pivotal experimentation. 

Markforged Takes in $30M from Siemens, Microsoft and Porsche

Since the launch of Markforged in 2013, ENGINEERING.com has been following the startup’s development. 

Loop3D’s Continuous 3D Printing System

With all the competition in professional desktop 3D printers these days, it’s hard to stand out. But Loop3D has found a way. 

More on Spee3D’s Supersonic 3D Printer

Last August we wrote about an Australian company with a new method of 3D metal printing, Spee3D. 

A Visual Tour Through AddUp’s 3D Printer Factory Container

The last time we saw AddUp’s modular 3D printing workshop, it was merely a desktop model. Now we managed to walk through a real one. 

Shapr3D 3.0 Brings Parasolid 3D Modeling to iPad Pro

A big first in 3D CAD today. 

Create It Real's Maritime Expedition

Denmark-based Create It Real has a new gig: maritime 3D printing. 

GE Has a BInder Jetting 3D Printer?

I thought I misread the press release, when it said GE Additive has developed a binder jet 3D printer. 

Carbon Attacks Foam!

A 3D printer manufacturer has a new application target: foam!

The 3DP365Project

If you’re wondering what Jeffrey Wright is doing today, he is 3D printing something. 

Aurora Labs Targets Very High

There’s something fascinating about underdogs in any race, something that attracts your attention.

What Are the Environmental Impacts of 3D Printing?

Is 3D printing positive or negative to the environment?

Why So Many Polish 3D Printer Companies?

At this publication we are fortunate to see the myriad of new 3D printing ventures launching across the world. 

3D Printed Prototypes Unleash Entirely New Industry

Researchers at the University of Washington have developed a new inexpensive communication system using 3D printed prototypes.

The Challenges Of The Volumetric 3D Printing Process

A research paper this week describes an incredible new and very rapid 3D printing process, but it seems there may be challenges in implementing it. 

Roboze’s Gigantic - And Extremely Hot - Argo 500

It seems that every desktop 3D printer company eventually makes a large machine.

Design of the Week: 3D Printed Store

This week’s selection is the enormous 3D printed store by London-based AI Build

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