Meshmixer 3.4 Available

The swiss-army knife of 3D printing has been upgraded. 

New Normal: The Permanent Beta

There’s a very powerful implication of the Carbon / Adidas shoe project that could change everything in the near future. 

CoLiDo's 3D Metal Printer

At CES we saw CoLiDo’s new industrial 3D metal printer. 

Design of the Week: Hand-Screw Clamp

This week’s selection is the carefully designed Hand-Screw Clamp by industrial designer Jacob Stanton.

Is It ESUN or eSUN?

At a recent 3D print trade show, I was surprised to find TWO exhibition stands for ESUN. I was wrong. 

Iro3D's Simple 3D Metal Printing Process

Iro3D has a metal printing process that is, in retrospect, obvious, and I wonder why no one else came up with the idea before. 

How Kodak Works With Smart International

We’ve recently posted several stories about the new Kodak 3D printer, but there is a bit of a story behind the project. 

Retouch3D Continues

A 3D printing accessory maker survives and expands. 

Incase Partners with Carbon to 3D Print Protective Gear

It’s that time of year again, when the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) engulfs Sin City like a human storm and attendees “ooh” and “ah” at the latest consumer technology.

The Tiny Lunar 3D Printers of the Future

I’m watching an interesting TEDx video on interplanetary architecture and realized something applicable to Earth-bound 3D printing. 

Carbon's Incredible Adidas 3D Printed Shoe is Now Purchasable

Today might be a bit of a milestone for 3D printing. 

Airwolf's New EVO Professional 3D Printer

Airwolf has been producing great professional 3D printers for years, and now introduce a new machine, the EVO.

Onshape Introduces Parametric Modeling 2.0 – Upends Configurations, Slaps Standard Content

Last week Onshape released possibly the most major update since launching out of beta.

How Long Does a 3D Printer Last?

3D Hubs released their quarterly report on 3D printing trends and it got me thinking about machine lifetimes. 

3D Design Futures: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Richards, Part 2

We asked Dr. Daniel Richards for his view of the future of 3D design.

3D Design Futures: An Interview with Dr. Daniel Richards, Part 1

We asked Dr. Daniel Richards for his view of the future of 3D design.

Anouk Régnier – “77% of girls between the ages of 5 and 10 love science and technologies”

Passionate about human interactions, Anouk started her career in human resources.

Thoughts on CES 2018: A Place for 3D Printing?

Having just returned from CES 2018, I have some thoughts about this event and how it fits into the 3D printing universe; or how it does not. 

The Third Way to Sell 3D Printers

Selling commercial 3D printers is an unusual business, but there seems to now be another way to do so. 

Kodak's Powerful Portrait 3D Printer

At CES we were able to get a close look at the new Kodak Portrait professional desktop 3D printer.