Jujups Launches

Jujups.com is a new 3D printing service that has launched before the holiday season - and just in time, since their main product is Christmas-themed picture frames. Sign in to their service and you can design the frame yourself, or let them provide a design automatically. The price: USD$29.95

Jujups uses a Z-Corp printer, capable of multiple colors and high-quality output. Evidently they plan to expand their service by offering printing of other types of objects, such as small toys.

This service is a little different from others, in that it is very consumer-friendly. Most of the services I've seen are designed for architects and technicians. Jujups' website seems very easy to use and I am sure they will attract business. However, I'm not sure it's the

"world’s first 3D printing portal".

Via Jujups and sgentrepreneurs.com


General Fabb

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