New MCOR Video

The mysterious paper-fed MCOR Matrix 3D printer has made its TV debut on the Irish Late Late Show in this 5 minute interview. The founders of MCOR, Conor and Fintan MacCormack, explain the basics of 3D printing to the presenter, but along the way there were a few tidbits of interest:
  • MCOR claims to be the only 3D printer capable of producing a "variable stiffness" effect, in other words, able to make a "living hinge". In the video you will see a small object with an actual flexible hinge
  • The Matrix is "50 times cheaper" to operate than its competitors, mainly because it uses paper as its raw material
  • The Matrix is the only "eco 3D printer" again due to the paper media
We wonder if you can recycle the printed objects? 

Via YouTube (Hat Tip to Deirdre)

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