MakerBot Reaches Retail

New York City-based retailer AC Gears now sells MakerBot's Thing-O-Matic personal 3D printer, in another step by growing Brooklyn-based manufacturer MakerBot's strategy to get more MakerBots in the hands of more people. 
AC Gears is "New York's Gadget Emporium", selling a quite amazing selection of cool stuff such as a Breath Tester, LED lantern or Solar backpacks. The Thing-O-Matic joins this list as of December 2011 in both AC Gears' physical store on E 8th Avenue in NYC as well as their online store. At the NYC store they've been using a MakerBot to produce objects for shoppers to take a close look at during their shopping excursion. 
Is this a good strategy? We think so, as our mentors used to say, "have as many people selling your product as possible!"