3D Printed Electronics Demonstration

Optomec and Stratasys are set to demonstrate their hybrid technology that permits a type of 3D printed electronics. We've written about this before, but now they intend on demonstrating the process to the public. 
The process does not involve a mutant plastic-and-metal 3D printer. Instead it simply is a way for the two companies to engage a single process over their respective technologies. In other words, a plastic 3D print has electronics printed upon it.  The technology should permit the application of "antennas, strain gauges, a power circuit, and a signal circuit" to be directly printed on wing prototypes. 
The demonstration takes place at the Defense Manufacturing Conference in Orlando on November 26-29th and they'll deliver a presentation on this process with the curious title of "Capability Assessment of Hybrid Components Utilizing Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and Aerosol Jet Technologies". Exciting!