3D Scanning by UAVs

What's that buzzing noise? It's the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) hovering over your home, and now it could be taking a 3D scan of your house! 
According to a report in PhysOrg, that scenario is now a possibility as researchers from the University of Granada in Spain have developed a way to combine 3D imaging, UAVs and 3D modeling. 
Why have they done this? The advantage of such an approach is most evident when considering how to perform a detailed 3D scan of a large (potentially historical and highly detailed) building, such as a Cathedral. Previously you'd have to physically construct scaffolds or use cranes or lifts to get the scanner close to all parts of the structure. Now a UAV can simply fly around the structure directly, while avoiding the scaffolds, equipment and associated risks.  
We're hoping this technique will quickly result in high-quality scans of many buildings and structures around the world. If they can be made publicly available, we'll soon have reproductions appearing on the world's 3D printers.