London's Science Museum Goes Online with 3D Printing

The London Science Museum, whom we visited recently, is displaying a huge collection of 3D printed objects in their "3D Printing The Future" exhibit. That massive collection is apparently not sufficient for them, as they've launched a new Tumblr blog for folks to post pictures of their best 3D prints. 
And what a set of designs you can see! 
While there are a few "basic" 3D printed objects, there are many very complex designs and frequently they've been finished in unusual materials or paints. We're particularly fascinated by several suits of Japanese armor that currently top the list. 
A good place to see great designs - and submit them if you have some. 

General Fabb

Kerry Stevenson, aka "General Fabb" has been writing Fabbaloo posts since he launched the venture in 2007, with an intention to promote and grow the incredible technology of 3D printing across the world. So far, it seems to be working!