Airwolf’s Intimate Approach To Introducing 3D Printing To Corporations

As the emphasis on 3D printing shifts from poorly adopted consumer applications to industrial uses, 3D printer companies must find ways to make this shift. Airwolf has found a very effective and fun way to do so. 

The Very Low-Cost Anvil 3D Printer Is A Bit Suspicious

An extremely low-cost desktop 3D printer is available for pre-order: The Anvil.

Here's Why 3D Printing Patents Don't Mean Much

Oh! Look! Someone’s patented SOMETHING about 3D printing! This changes EVERYTHING! 

How To Survive Short Filament Spools: Keep Those Empties!

If you’re like me and 3D print a lot, you may find your work area piling up with empty filament spools. My advice: Keep Them!

Are 3D Printed Cars A Sensible Thing?

I’ve heard a few stories about folks developing 3D printed cars, and I must say I’m a bit skeptical. 

Design of the Week: Articulated Lamp

This week’s selection is the tricky-to-make, but useful Articulated Lamp by MyMiniFactory contributor Luca Parmegiani.

Ideal For Educators: Monthly 3D Printing Projects?

UK-based Laykanics is an interesting service that offers monthly 3D print-based project kits that I think could be very suitable for educators looking to expose students to 3D printing. 

Materialise Packages Up All The 3D Printing Software You Need In One Bundle

Materialise is perhaps best known for their 3D printing services to industry, but they also create very powerful software, too. Now they’ve bundled it all together. 

One Of The Four Models Of CreateBot Could Meet Your Needs

There are four different models of the CreateBot 3D printer, one of which could likely meet your requirements. 

Print-Rite’s Massive CoLiDo Mega 3D Printer

Another giant-sized 3D printer has appeared, this time from Print-Rite, the CoLiDo Mega. And mega it is. 

3Discovered Offers Secret of Eternal Life for Spare Parts with 3D Printing

In the 3D printing industry, nothing may be more wasteful than an idle 3D printer, particularly when it comes to industrial systems that can cost tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Leapfrog’s Mystery “Bolt” 3D Printer To Be Released In June

Netherlands-based Leapfrog 3D Printers is developing a new more capable 3D printer called the “Bolt” and they’re beginning to leak some information about it. 

A Pasty Option For Ultimaker 3D Printing

Strucur3D announced they’ve established an intimate relationship with Ultimaker to enable plug-and-play paste extrusion on Ultimaker equipment. 

What’s New At Prodways?

Prodways, a lesser-known French 3D printing company, has been quietly growing over the past three years. 

MOON Is the Most Detailed Lunar Globe Ever Created

Never cared much for having a globe at home… until now. 

iMakr Slides Further Toward Industrial 3D Printing

iMakr has begun selling higher-end 3D printing equipment designed for industry. I think this is a significant change. 

A Flurry Of Questions Around The HP Jet Fusion 3D Printers

HP finally announced details about their new Jet Fusion 3D printers, but I have a number of questions. 

As Expected, HP Shows Off Their New 3D Printer With A Very Unusual Print Process

HP revealed more details about their first in-house developed 3D printing products, the HP Jet Fusion 3D 3200 and 4200 Printers.

The Strange Inbox Of A 3D Printing Service

The day-to-day at our 3D printing service, Make Mode, is nothing if not interesting. 

Another 3D Printing Management System: 3D Printer ERP

I’ve seen a couple software solutions to the difficult problem of managing a 3D printer farm, and now another launches this week: 3D Printing ERP.