Robo3D Updates Their Desktop 3D Printer Line With TWO New Machines

After several successful years, startup Robo3D has significantly updated their product line with a couple of sophisticated low-cost desktop 3D printers.

Motivations Behind the 3D Printing Mergers: Some Beneficial, Some Devious

A new infographic portraying recent 3D printing industry corporate mergers prompts me to talk about the reasons why these things happen. 

Hands on With Fiberlogy’s new FiberFlex 40D 3D Printer Filament

We obtained a small sample of Fiberlogy’s new FiberFlex 40D 3D printer filament and performed some basic testing. 

A First Look at Figure 4, Industrial 3D Printing from 3D Systems

As the industrial 3D printing market shifts into fifth gear, all of the major 3D printer manufacturers are unveiling new systems best fitted for end part production. 

MakerBot’s Peculiar, But Very Appropriate Announcement

This week MakerBot unleashed a series of announcements regarding their products, services and supplies. 

Interesting Extruder Concept is More Complex Than It Appears

An extruder concept proposed by Reddit contributor lxo96 poses some interesting questions. 

UPS Opens Up More 3D Print Services

UPS announced a new 3D printing facility in Singapore, suggesting their 3D printing venture is working. 

First Glimpse at Vectary Online 3D Modeling Tool

Well, we’ve been waiting a long six months, but we’ve finally received access to Vectary, the highly anticipated, online 3D modeling tool, and we’re all sorts of excited to pop open a browser and see what it can do.

Another Major 3D Printer Manufacturer Steps into Industry 4.0

It’s contagious! Concept Laser has joined several other players in producing a “Smart Factory” based on their 3D printing technology. 

Printlab’s Educational Focus

UK-based PrintLab produces a one-stop site for educators working with 3D printing with students.

What’s This? Sculpteo Adds 2D Technologies?

3D print service Sculpteo announced the availability of a laser cutting capability. What does this mean? 

Cathy Lewis – “With a Focus on the Customer and Real Application Requirements, This Industry Has a Fantastic Future”

Cathy Lewis was the Chief Marketing Officer for 3D Systems from 2009 to mid 2016. Before that, she used to be the CEO for Desktop Factory from 2006 to 2009, placing her as one of the pioneer in the 3D Printing industry as we know it today.

BREAKTHROUGH: World’s Darkest Material, Vantablack, Successfully Applied to a 3D Print

Surrey Nanosystems, producers of the amazing Vantablack dark material informed Fabbaloo they have successfully coated a 3D printed object with the world’s darkest material. 

3YOURMIND’s Powerful 3D Printing Meta-Service

I’m taking a look at 3YOURMIND, a Berlin-based startup that provides simplified ways to access 3D printing services for industrial and professional use. 

Ultimaker Scores Massive Loan Agreement

The European Investment Bank announced a huge €15M (USD$17M) loan to Ultimaker; this should enable many things to happen.

Multiple Surprises in the Lightning UV DLP 3D Printer

A newly launched desktop resin-based 3D printer, the Lightning, includes a couple of surprising features. 

Rocket Crafters use Ingenious 3D Printing Technique

It’s always amazing to see others leverage 3D printing in unexpected ways. One company doing so is Rocket Crafters.

3D Printing Cocktail Gadget Suggests New 3D Printing Technique

I’m looking at a curious 3D printing system called “Print A Drink” and wondering where this approach could go. 

Design of the Week: Wiffle Ball Bat Holder

This week’s selection is the practical Wiffle Ball Bat Holder by  Portland-based JPGrind. 

Yet Another Gigantic 3D Printer?

Ingersoll Machine Tools announced plans to develop a massive 3D printer in association with the US Oak Ridge National Laboratory.