Design of the Week: Kame House from Dragon Ball

This week’s selection is the popular Kame House by product designer Pepe Aliaga. 

Metal 3D Printing Options Just Got Tighter

Germany-based 3D metal printer manufacturer Realizer was just acquired by DMG Mori AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. 

3D Printer Manufacturers Take Note: How Stratasys is Guiding Their Machine Design

Stratasys is using a well-known manufacturing methodology to guide the development of their new equipment. 

3D Printing Management Lessons: BigBox Ceases Production

The highly anticipated BigBox 3D printer project has ceased production, providing a wealth of advice for others contemplating marketing 3D printers. 

Have a Non-Profit 3D Print-Related Project? We Can Help!

If you haven’t heard, Fabbaloo offers a free service to qualified non-profit initiatives in the 3D print and related space. 

SAP Taps 3D Printing for Worldwide Distributed Manufacturing

As 3D printing shifts from a prototyping tool to a production technology, manufacturers will be required to find ways to incorporate additive manufacturing (AM) into their existing workflows. 

Cutting Through 3D Printing Parameters: Finding Your Priorities

The parameters for slicing 3D models for printing can be ridiculously complex, but here’s a way to simplify things. 

What’s Really Going on at MakerBot?

MakerBot, unsurprisingly announced a reduction in force of a huge 30%. Here’s why it makes sense. 

3D Print Post Processing Also Includes Color

When some 3D prints are completed, they are painted; others are dyed. 

MakerBot On Machine Reliability and Improving Performance

Our last post on MakerBot’s new print software spurred on some conversation, internally and via email. 

Avoiding Crowdfunding Fizzles: A Checklist

Recently there have been numerous and spectacular 3D printing failures. Can they be avoided? 

Makness Offers a Different Take on Consumer 3D Printing

A new 3D printer project on Kickstarter hopes to capitalize on consumer 3D printing with a new approach. 

W2P’s Unusually High-Rez DLP 3D Printers

Austria-based W2P offers a couple of resin-powered desktop 3D printers that offer the possibility of larger high-resolution objects. 

Karla Lopez – “We Can Do Better Than That!”

Karla Lopez co-founded Authentise in 2013. 

A Deeper Look at the Amazing Rize 3D Printing System

This week I managed to get a closer look at the new 3D printing system from startup Rize. 

Monitor Your 3D Print Via Smartwatch

Maker Victor Noordhoek has developed a way to monitor live 3D prints on his smartwatch. 

German RepRap’s Surprise: Silicone 3D Printing

In a big surprise, at least for me, German RepRap showed off a demonstrator 3D printer able to produce very strong silicone prints. 

Interesting Technical Features in Hage’s 3D Printers

Austria-based Hage markets a pair of powerful professional 3D printers with some unique features. 

The Transformable Optimus 3D Printer / Laser Engraver / CNC Combo

Today Febtop Tech launches the Optimus, one of the few combo machines that combines 3D printing with other making processes. 

Something Interesting Happening at Desktop Metal

The mysterious Massachusetts-based Desktop Metal company has attracted a very large investment, yet little is known about their technology.