If MCOR Was Not Exhibiting At CES, Why Were They There?

This year’s CES exhibition in Las Vegas was notable in the 3D space primarily by the missing presence of several large industrial vendors. Except one, sort of. 

MakerBot’s Interesting 2-For-1 Deal May Indicate Changes

This week I received an interesting deal offer from MakerBot: Buy two machines and get one free. But is there more to the story? 

Questionable Ratings Plague Amazon 3D Printer Listings

Shopping for a 3D printer on Amazon? Watch out for twisted product ratings. 

3D Printed Hand Replicas – A New Security Concern

Digital technology gives us more capabilities and even lets us have a lot of fun. 

Something Very Interesting is Going On at Something 3D

The curiously-named Something 3D company has figured out a way to actually 3D print color objects with a filament extruder. 

What’s Behind Sculpteo’s AI Venture?

Last week 3D print service Sculpteo announced a series of AI-based tools to simplify use of their system. But what’s driving them to this? 

Design of the Week: Assembled Catapult

This week’s selection is the well-designed “Assembled printed catapult without support” by France-based Genapart.

3D Printed Weapons to be Produced by US Department of Defense

A very curious solicitation from the US DOD requests “explosive” 3D printer materials. 

Unusual 3D Metal Printing Services by Smit Röntgen

If you want 3D printed metal parts, you buy or use a 3D metal printer, correct? Not always, it turns out. 

“There Doesn't Seem to Be Anything Interesting in 3D These Days”

The title of this story is an actual quote I heard during last week’s CES exhibition. And it sucks. 

The MoonRay S High Resolution Desktop 3D Printer

We had a look at the new MoonRay S desktop 3D printer from SprintRay.

Dremel and 3DPrinterOS Partner for 3D Printing in the Cloud

After creating a cloud-based operating system for 3D printer networks, 3DPrinterOS went on to launch ZAP in September of last year. 

Ability 3D’s Low Cost 3D Metal Printing Option

We had a chance to talk to Ben Willard, the “guy in the garage” behind Ability 3D, a 3D metal printer. 

Titan Robotics’ Multi-Headed Escher

Titan Robotics has constructed one of the most unusual 3D printers I’ve yet seen. 

Pro and Semi-Pro Desktop 3D Printers from MeccatroniCore

Italy-based MeccatroniCore offers a small line of impressive desktop 3D printer units suitable for professional use. 

HoloLens App Shows How 3D Modeling Works for Augmented/Mixed Reality

Little by little augmented/mixed reality (AR/MR) is slipping past the surly bonds of consumption with more and more imagining, nay DEMONSTRATING, what 3D design could be like using devices that are, at least, sure to give us chuckles at the possibilities and, at most, completely take over our every waking hour.

CEL Introduces Remote Control Options and a Tree

CEL makes some of the most interesting desktop 3D printers you can find, but now they’re even more interesting with a curious set of announcements today. 

What Does “CoreXY” Mean?

When reviewing the specs for 3D printers, you might encounter the term “CoreXY”. What is a “CoreXY” system?

Float Your 3D Printed #3DBenchy

The ever popular #3DBenchy benchmarking object has received a slight upgrade. 

Irene Presti – “3D Printing Has a Lot of Potential but Still Lacks Research, Professionalization, and Training”

Irene Presti is the woman behind almost all of the current Latin America’s initiatives in 3D Printing.