Crazy 3D Idea of the Week: 3D Quality Control System

I’m reading a piece describing a 3D tracking system that’s being used for assisting delicate medical procedures and had an idea of how to apply something similar to 3D printing. 

EnvisionTEC is in the Fast Resin 3D Printer Club, Too

With all the buzz about new startups featuring fast 3D printing systems, it’s easy to forget that EnvisionTEC has a similar system as well. 

JABIL Flexes 3D Printing for Manufacturing with HP’s Multi Jet Fusion

Last year, HP finally introduced its Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology to the market. 

Tiko 3D Buyers to be Rescued by M3D?

Earlier today we wrote on the ill-fated Tiko 3D project, which went into “hibernation” yesterday. Now we find that M3D wants to help. 

Inevitable: Tiko 3D is Officially “On Standby”

Tiko 3D announced yesterday that they’ve placed the company “on standby”, effectively ending their project. 

A Lesson on Pricing Artistic 3D Prints

I’m reading a brief post on LinkedIn by noted 3D designer Janne Kyttanen regarding his experience with a 3D printed light design. 

3 Features That Make Fusion 360 a Powerful Engineering Tool

I know, I know. I sealed off simulation with the 5 reasons I would use Simulation in Fusion 360 months ago. 

3D Printer Security Woes Likely To Increase

I’m reading an interesting piece by David Gerwitz at ZDNet, who talks about 3D printers being vulnerable IoT devices.

The Importance of 3D Printer Product Names

There are tons of desktop 3D printer options out there, and it’s often hard to distinguish between models. 

Printr Simplifies Start and End 3D Print Sequences

I hadn’t noticed this previously, but Printr has developed a really cool way to customize portions of your desktop 3D prints. 

Maria Elizete Kunkel -“the 3d Printed Prosthesis Was Simple, Functional and Low Cost, These Are Characteristics Required for Prosthesis Development in Countries Such as Brazil”

Maria Elizete Kunkel is a Professor of Biomedical Engineering (Biomechanics) at the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP), Brazil.

Coming Soon: Super Stretchy 3D Print Materials

Researchers in Singapore have developed new elastomeric materials that could be used in 3D printing applications. 

Is 3D Metal Printing Hyping? Yes, It Is

I’m beginning to think there’s a bit of a hype cycle peak occurring in the 3D metal printing world lately. 

#3DTalks Goes Global

A 3D print chat series is branching out. 

Brandeis’ Annual Printathon: 2017 Edition

Brandeis University’s “Deis3D” 3D printing club is once again producing a “Printathon” for students. Why doesn’t every university do this? 

New 3D Print Materials Now Possible: 3D4Makers Develops Air-Cooled Filament Production System

Netherlands-based 3D4Makers seems to have broken through a major barrier to producing unusual 3D print filaments in engineering materials with a new production system. 

Lani Labs’s Different Take on 3D Print Networking

A small Canadian startup has developed a somewhat different concept for 3D printer networks. 

Design of the Week: Kame House from Dragon Ball

This week’s selection is the popular Kame House by product designer Pepe Aliaga. 

Metal 3D Printing Options Just Got Tighter

Germany-based 3D metal printer manufacturer Realizer was just acquired by DMG Mori AKTIENGESELLSCHAFT. 

3D Printer Manufacturers Take Note: How Stratasys is Guiding Their Machine Design

Stratasys is using a well-known manufacturing methodology to guide the development of their new equipment.