Design of the Week: Spool Holder

This week’s selection is the fabulously designed Spool Holder for Prusa i3 MK2 by Martin Majewski.

ASICS Bypasses 3D Printing with Microwave Method

Hold on there - Did ASICS just leapfrog Adidas by NOT using 3D printing? 

That 3D Printed Key Project: Is This Concerning?

A project has published a method of generating 3D printed keys. Is this concerning? 

Golden 3D Printing?

3D printer hotend maker E3D stepped up their “Gold Edition” with some interesting - and frivolous - upgrades. 

3D Printed Tires Run Over Water!

YouTuber Simon Sörensen of RCLifeOn has posted an interesting video where he’s designed a 3D printed approach for driving on water. 

What Exactly Makes Xact Metal’s Metal 3D Printing So Cheap?

This year’s RAPID + TCT show was abuzz with news about Desktop Metal, an exciting new metal 3D printing startup that has already raked in millions of investor dollars. 

The Q4 3D Hubs Report Gets More Interesting

Each quarter 3D Hubs publishes a fascinating report on 3D printer use, and this report is no exception.

Waterproofing Your 3D Prints

I saw a post somewhere about someone 3D printing a waterproof container and had some thoughts. 

Discover the Ins and Outs of Folding Patterns with this Origami Simulator

Origami, which comes from the Japanese words ori meaning “folding” and kami meaning “paper”, is a pretty niche field which requires dedication, delicate hands, and a lot of free time. 

Desktop 3D Printer Enclosures: A Hint of Things to Come?

A new 3D printer enclosure product portends a change in the future.

More 3D Metal Printing Companies Achieve ISO 13485

The race is on to achieve ISO 13485!

Elon Musk Not Using 3D Printing As Much As Suspected

SpaceX’s Elon Musk executed an “Ask Me Anything” session this week on Reddit, and revealed something interesting about their 3D printing use. 

MakePrintable Takes a Bite Out of Everyone’s 3D Printing Workflow

MakePrintable announced an interesting integration with Cura that should make life much easier for many 3D printer operators. 

Amy Karle – “There are opportunities for women, minorities, and all types of minds to be leaders in 3D Printing”

Amy Karle uses the mind, body, science, and technology to create art.

MakerBot Relaunches Experimental Mode

MakerBot has just announced a very interesting new program they call MakerBot Labs, which harkens back to their origins. 

Formlabs Deepens Dental Capabilities

I’m fascinated by Formlabs’ venture into the dental industry, which just got a lot deeper. 

HP Puts a Dent into Competitor’s Stock Prices

HP held an analyst event earlier in which they made some announcements that caused a bit of a tumble on the stock market. 

Update on Mass Portal’s 3D Printer Filament Dryer Technology

We obtained some additional information about the very interesting and brand new 3D printer filament drying system from Mass Portal. 

About Those Voice Commands For Your 3D Printer

The current craze for intelligent voice commands is getting more sophisticated, but what happens when it works with your 3D printer? 

The CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II Professional Desktop 3D Printer

Today we’re looking at another desktop 3D printer option for professionals, the large CreatorBot 3D Pro Series II.