Has 3D Systems Stopped Growing?

While the company has introduced new products, it appears their revenue is stuck. 

Is 3MF Actually Making Progress?

Is anyone actually using 3MF? 

Methods of Ensuring 3D Print Success and Detecting Compromised 3D Models

An interesting research paper provides three ideas on how to detect flaws in 3D prints. 

Avril Stringer – “There is already a skill shortage and this will become more evident as time goes on”

Avril Stringer is a serial entrepreneur and inventor and one of leading women in 3D Printing in the UK. 

FlowRep: Just What 3D Printing Needs?

Researchers at UBC have developed an incredible system for capturing 3D models from static images. 

When 3D Printing a Model Doesn’t Make Sense

Sometimes 3D printing simply doesn’t make sense. 

Outsourcing Your 3D Printing? Or Should You Insource?

A question that is sometimes not even asked, let alone answered, is the question of outsourcing 3D printing. 

Making Your Own 3D Printer Air Purification System

Safety is too often ignored by those operating desktop 3D printers, particularly air quality.

3D Systems Going Back Into 3D Food Printing?

This is certainly interesting: 3D Systems announced a deal with CSM Bakery Solutions to jointly pursue 3D food printing activities. 

Nothing Too Concerning: VoxelJet’s Latest Results

Large-format 3D printer manufacturer announced their quarterly results and they might be viewed negatively, but I think not. 

Design of the Week: Plantygon

This week’s selection is the fun Plantygon by designer Samantha Welch.

The ByFlow Focus 3D Food Printer

There are a scant few “food” 3D printers available, and one of them is the Byflow Focus 3D food printer. 

Duplicate Kickstarter Detected

Apologies to our readers: yesterday we posted a story regarding a project that appears to be a duplicate!

Another Compliant Mechanism Project: FlexSys

Recently we posted as story about Disney producing compliant mechanisms; it turns out another company is already producing them. 

One Small Step for 3D Printing Satellites in the Vacuum of Space

Given the already devastating effects of climate change and the lack of action on the part of developed nations, particularly the U.S., it’s no secret that billionaires like Elon Musk want to get off this planet. 

Markforged Shuffles Product Line

3D printer manufacturer Markforged has introduced a couple of new machines that alters their product lineup considerably.

The US Marine Corps’ X-FAB Mobile 3D Printshop

It was inevitable: the military has developed a kind of mobile 3D print workshop. 

Should We 3D Print PVC?

There are an increasing number of thermoplastics that can be 3D printed recently, and one of them is PVC. 

Accessing Fusion 360 in the Browser!

Three weeks ago Autodesk posted a preview of Fusion 360 in the Browser. 

The Lazarus 3D Project

A startup company is introducing a very interesting medical application for 3D printing.