Stratasys Suddenly Solves A Ton Of 3D Printing Problems

It seems Stratasys won’t stop with the interesting announcements; now they’ve solved yet more workflow problems in 3D printing. 

Is It Really Time To Buy 3D Printing Stocks?

There’s been a ton of gloom and doom among 3D print stock brokers recently, but is this the opposite of what should happen? 

BCN3D’s Very Open Source Strategy

BCN3D may have just set the standard for open source 3D printer companies with their latest release. 

Microsoft Now Supports Network-Based 3D Printers

Microsoft has been quietly building support for 3D printing for some years, and now they’ve announced networked printing support. 

Prodways Releases Its First Sub-$115,000 SLS 3D Printer

The ProMaker P1000 3D printer is Prodways’ entry-level industrial-grade SLS 3D printer. (Image courtesy of Prodways.)

Stratasys’s Very Focused FDM Enhancements Keep With The Theme

There seems to be an interesting theme emerging from Stratasys these days, and it’s not simply announcing hardware. 

Hard Questions To Ask About A USD$49 3D Printer

Why does this keep happening? A ridiculously low-cost 3D printer with a low probability of succeeding continues to attract buyers on Kickstarter. 

Arcam’s Recent Moves In Materials Suggest Growth

Sweden’s Arcam is a company on the move, it seems, as they’ve been making a series of deals to solidify their metal materials providers. 

The Light Rider is a 3D Printed Motorcycle Designed by Aerospace Engineers

What happens when aerospace specialists develop a motorcycle with bionic algorithms instead of calculating spaceship engines?

Big Changes In 3D Print Tradeshows: AMShows Lights Up

There’s a new 3D print tradeshow in the works and it could become one of the leading venues for the industry. 

What Is Stratasys Doing With Thingiverse, Anyway?

In 2013, Stratasys acquired MakerBot and all its assets. Besides the printer company, the deal also included Thingiverse. 

3D Hubs Adds Another Professional Capability And Confirms Their Strategic Shift

Hmm, my speculation about 3D Hubs’ intentions the other month seems to be continuing with their latest announcement of carbon fiber capability. 

WI3DP: Annalisa Nicola – “3D Printing Has to Be Disruptive, Exploring More Technical Solutions for Manufacturing”

Annallisa Nicola is the CEO and co-founder of XYZBAG

Airwolf’s Intimate Approach To Introducing 3D Printing To Corporations

As the emphasis on 3D printing shifts from poorly adopted consumer applications to industrial uses, 3D printer companies must find ways to make this shift. Airwolf has found a very effective and fun way to do so. 

The Very Low-Cost Anvil 3D Printer Is A Bit Suspicious

An extremely low-cost desktop 3D printer is available for pre-order: The Anvil.

Here's Why 3D Printing Patents Don't Mean Much

Oh! Look! Someone’s patented SOMETHING about 3D printing! This changes EVERYTHING! 

How To Survive Short Filament Spools: Keep Those Empties!

If you’re like me and 3D print a lot, you may find your work area piling up with empty filament spools. My advice: Keep Them!

Are 3D Printed Cars A Sensible Thing?

I’ve heard a few stories about folks developing 3D printed cars, and I must say I’m a bit skeptical. 

Design of the Week: Articulated Lamp

This week’s selection is the tricky-to-make, but useful Articulated Lamp by MyMiniFactory contributor Luca Parmegiani.

Ideal For Educators: Monthly 3D Printing Projects?

UK-based Laykanics is an interesting service that offers monthly 3D print-based project kits that I think could be very suitable for educators looking to expose students to 3D printing.