Filamentive’s Sustainable 3D Printer Filaments

I met with representatives of Filamentive to find out more about their interesting series of sustainable 3D printer filaments. 

What Happens When Your 3D Printer Manufacturer Drops Support?

In an increasing number of cases, support ceases for aging 3D printers. What should you do? 

A Method to Add Color to Your 3D Printer: ColorPod

A project by Netherlands-based Aad van der Geest has created “ColorPod”, a concept for converting a monocolor desktop 3D printer into a full color machine. 

The Case for Insuring Your 3D Print Operation

3D printing has continued to prove itself as a promising solution for many manufacturers/businesses, creating opportunities and prototyping capabilities that were once unavailable, while significantly expediting "time to market".

Is 3D Printing Truly Green?

There’s been much ado made of the notion of “green” 3D printing, but is this really true? 

MAKEiT Releases the Pro-L Desktop 3D Printer

MAKEiT is a small company producing a powerful desktop 3D printer that’s quite suitable for low volume production use. Now they’re released a newly improved version, the Pro-L.

Design of the Week: Rottlace Masks

This week’s selection is the strange Rottlace mask by the MIT Mediated Matter Group. 

3D Hubs’ 3D Printing Process Chart is Comprehensive, But…

3D Hubs has developed a very clear infographic detailing the numerous 3D printing processes. But I think there’s one problem with it. 

The Frequency of 3D Content Violations is Astonishing

Earlier we wrote a story on LayerTrove, a new Scotland-based startup that happens to be selling unlicensed 3D content. But how often does this occur? It turns out to be astonishingly frequent. 

Free 3D Software for the New School Year

It’s that time of year for many students about to enter another year of learning, hopefully many in 3D. Fortunately, there are many ways to access free 3D software. 

The Newly Discovered Problem with All Large-Format 3D Printers

Recently we’ve written several stories about new, large-format 3D printers. While these machines can print large items, there’s a big problem with them. 

The Ceramaker 3D Printer: A Specialty Machine for Specialty Materials

While ceramics may be among the oldest and most widespread of materials used by humanity, ceramics 3D printing has a much more narrow set of applications. 

Reflow: Recycled 3D Printer Filament System That Works

There have been many aborted attempts at producing recycled 3D printer filament, but Reflow’s approach appears to be successful. 

The Confusing Paradox of 3D Printer Adhesion

One problem increasingly encountered by 3D printer operators is something one would have been solved a while ago: adhesion

Two "Secret" 3D Printing Startups

Fabbaloo reader Lance Pickens asked about two 3D printing startups, so what else could I do but check them out?

This is How you Paint a 3D Printed Mech

Remember the Mechwarrior model we shared a few weeks ago? So. Good. We’re in the process of printing up one of our own and can’t wait to paint it.

100(ish) Educational 3D Printing Projects Released by MyStemKits

For schools, classrooms and educators this could be a lifesaver in September: a monstrous selection of 3D printing projects from MyStemKits.

The M3D Pro is Now Available - With Some Cool Features

Remember the M3D Micro 3D printer from years ago? This machine has now grown into the new M3D Pro model that just happens to be launched today. 

The PotterBot V4.5 Succeeds Through Simplicity

3D Potter announced a new ceramic 3D printer, the PotterBot V4.5, whose new extrusion mechanism is fantastically simpler. 

Juliana Martinelli – “I Decided That I Wanted to Be Part of the Changes the World Was Going Through, and to Do That I Had to Be an Engineer”

Juliana Martinelli is the founder and CEO of InovaHouse3D, a Brazil-based startup that is willing to disrupt traditional house manufacturing thanks to 3D printing.