colorFabb's Strategy: 3D Materials or 3D Printers?

I read an interesting announcement from Aleph Objects and colorFabb that begs a question about the latter’s strategy. 

What 3D Metal Printing Magic is Velo3D Developing?

You’d think that the best 3D metal printing technique is a settled issue, but it is not by any means “over”.

Checking Out MakerBot’s New “MinFill” Option

MakerBot announced a very intriguing feature to their slicing program, “MinFill”.

Liza Wallach-Kloski – “A great place to start [having more women in the industry] is focusing on women dominated industries”

Liza is the co-founder of HoneyPoint3D, an online education company for the 3D printing industry, operating through a platform of online classes and workshops.

Ability3D Launches the Affordable Ability1 3D Metal Printer

We knew this was coming, and now it’s here: Ability3D has launched a Kickstarter campaign for their very inexpensive 3D metal printer, the Ability1.

What is SAP’s 3D Print Distributed Manufacturing System and Why is Roboze In It?

Italy-based Roboze announced they’ve joined the growing SAP Distributed Manufacturing program. 

Bondtech’s New 3D Print Extruder

Sweden-based Bondtech has released a powerful new extruder for desktop 3D printers. 

3D Systems Continues Advancing Color 3D Printing

There are still questions about the amount of demand for color 3D printing, but 3D Systems evidently supports the concept, announcing a new 3D color printer. 

Autodesk’s Hobbyist Strategy is Now Clear

With the demise of many of Autodesk’s free 3D offerings, it seems they have been following an ingenious strategy all along.

Windform’s Specialized 3D Print Materials

There are plenty of vendors of common 3D print materials, but far fewer offering unusual composite materials. 

Design of the Week: PiKon Telescope

This week’s selection is the ambitious PiKon 3D printed telescope.

Stratasys’ Growth Strategy Revealed

Deep inside Stratasys’ 100,000 word Form 20-F filing is a detailed list of their growth strategy. 

3D Print Quotation Service Business Gets Crowded: Kabuku’s MMS

There seems to be a number of 3D print quotation services emerging. 

E3D Announces the Titan Aero

3D printer hardware maker E3D-Online announced today the Titan Aero, an interesting combo product. 

Is It Time To Consider an Affordable Laser Sintering 3D Printer?

I’m wondering if there is a product category being ignored by some 3D printer buyers.

HP and SIGMADESIGN Launch Material Development Kit for 3D Printing

Key to HP’s Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology is its open materials platform

Think You Can Keep Up With 3D Print Patents? Think Again

There’s a lot more going on in 3D printing than anyone would suspect. 

Very Interesting Statements in Stratasys’ 2016 Filing

Stratasys has released their US tax Form 20-F and in it there is a wealth of information about the company’s operations. 

Metal 3D Print Price Crashes at i.Materialise

Things just got a little bit more interesting: i.Materialise just dropped their price for aluminum 3D prints.

3D Printed Baby Model with Functional Organs May Help Doctors Save Infant Lives

Performing surgery isn’t a perfect science, and even doctors need to practice their skills, especially when it comes to children.