IonCore’s new Zinter Pro II

IonCore has launched a new professional desktop 3D printer, the Zinter Pro II. 

See, 3D Printing is Definitely Not Dead

In spite of the stream of ridiculous mainstream media posts on the “death of 3D printing”, there are plenty of good news stories, too. Here’s two. 

Ti3AU, the Hardest New Metal Material for 3D Printing?

Researchers at Rice University and the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory have developed a startlingly hard material, Ti3Au. 

Who is Zrapid Tech and Why Don’t You Know About Them?

Our team encountered folks from a company called ZRapid, whom we learned much about - and you should too. 

Nano Dimension Adds Electricity to Multimaterial 3D Printing

About 30 years ago, 3D printing began as a technology for rapid prototyping, allowing designers, engineers and manufacturers to quickly produce physical mockups of their designs. 

Is There a 3D Printer Nicer Than MassPortal’s Pharaoh?

If you’ve never seen a MassPortal 3D printer, you should. 

BigRep Fine-Tunes Their Large-Scale 3D Print Strategy

We spoke with BigRep CEO Rene Gurkas recently and learned more about the company’s strategy and upcoming moves. 

NinjaTek’s Two New 3D Printer Filaments

NinjaTek is most well known for their flexible filament, NinjaFlex, but two new products might change that notion. 

Watch the Brute Force of Linear Friction Welding in Mind-Numbing 32x Slow Motion

Commonly used to seamlessly join dissimilar materials with different melting points, friction welding has been used to manufacture everything from airplane parts and rocket thruster tanks to even space shuttles and the razor-thin iMac.

Questions Raised Over Home-3D Printed Wrist Brace

Two questions came to mind when I saw reports of a home-3D printed brace to support a broken wrist.

Shapeways Hacked! But It Could Have Been Far Worse

Popular 3D print service Shapeways announced today they’ve experienced a possibly major security incident. 

ORD’s Full Color 3D Printer Now on Kickstarter

Canada-based ORD has been developing plastic mixing technology for some time now and the result is the very unusual RoVa4D Full Color Blender.

Holly Craig – “The Women I Meet in My Profession Are Typically Top Notch Since They Have Had to Excel Higher to Achieve Their Position”

Holly is the co-founder and CEO of Stratonics. She is an engineer but also knows all about business and operations. 

Yet Another Criminal Application of 3D Printing: Physical Theft

I’m always impressed with unique applications of 3D printing, but according to G4S, a global security firm, there’s a new, darker application being used. 

Arcam Releases 2015Q1-2 Results: Mixed Results

Sweden-based Arcam, maker of powerful metal 3D printing gear, released interim financial results for the first half of the year, and there’s good and bad news. 

Carbon’s True Focus: Materials

Carbon’s new M1 3D printer has been announced, but I feel the more interesting part of the Carbon story is the materials they’re offering - and will offer for the machine. 

Please Make It Stop: “3D printers are never going to be a thing”

A piece yesterday in Mashable made myself and no doubt many others in the 3D print world upset. 

And After You Learn 3D CAD…

I’m reading an interesting post on GrabCAD by Khadija Ouajjani that discusses the testing of a 3D design.

Can You 3D Print a Superconductor?

Selective laser melting process in action. Credit: Tim Sercombe/University of Western Australia
Researchers have been investigating whether it’s possible to 3D print an object that acts as a superconductor. 

Design of the Week: Two Green Foxes

This week’s selection is the Two Green Foxes project by Nicholas Syiu and Alina Wong.