3D Printing to Solve Climate Change?

I’m reading a story on Forbes that proposes that 3D printing, rather than regulations or climate accords, will solve the current climate crisis. 

Be Very Cautious When Considering 3D Print Industry Reports

There seems to be a tide of professional industry reports on the 3D printing industry emerging lately, but I am very suspicious of the quality of some. 

A 3D Printer Did Not Kill a California Couple

Rampant news stories are circulating suggesting that a 3D printer “killed” a California couple, but it can’t be true. 

No, Not Really: Australian Drug Dealers 3D Printing Submachine Guns?

A series stories suggest that some druggies on the Gold Coast of Australia recently 3D printed submachine guns. I Don’t Think So. 

Unbelievable Media Coverage of 3D Printing

This morning I noticed a story from an obscure website detailing an announcement from 3D Systems about a product they introduced three years ago!

An Ineffective 3D Printing Stunt

I’m reading reports of a new Guinness World Record for the “largest 3D print ever”. But this is a pointless exercise. 

"No Smokers, Pets or 3D Printers, Please"

A discussion on Reddit focuses on a very unusual apartment rental advertisement that mentions 3D printing. But what does this mean? 

What? “The 3D Printing Bubble Has Burst”

I’m reading a piece in Newsweek describing how the 3D printing bubble has “burst”, and wonder how such a thing could be true. 

Groupon’s Ridiculous 3D Printing Stunt

We’re trying our best not to publish stories on 3D print “stunts” that are merely attempting to gain publicity, but this one is so ridiculous I have to write it up. 

Media Coverage Of 3D Printing Still Problematic

We’re reading a very curious post on WT VOX that proposes a list of the “top 10 cheap 3D printers you can buy in 2016”, except it seems terribly wrong. 

Is 3D Systems Really On “Life Support”?

We’re reading a piece in TheStreet that describes 3D Systems as a “company on life support”. We’re not in agreement with this notion. 

Is There A Campaign Against Stratasys?

We’re reading a curious story from Ticker Report that highlights someone selling their stake in Stratasys. Is this important? We think not. 

Gartner Examines Stratasys’ Strategy; We Agree

Gartner 3D printing analyst and Fabbaloo friend Pete Basiliere visited Stratasys’ HQ to find out more about their strategy going forward. 

Gartner’s 2015 Predictions on 3D Printing

We’ve examined Gartner’s annual Hype Cycle chart with respect to 3D printing and found some very promising news. 

The Curious Case of the Ekocycle 3D Printer

Where can you buy a 3D printer? Harrods, of course.

CLAWZ To Break Through Into Mainstream Fashion?

3D printed nails startup CLAWZ managed to get covered in Elle, a notable fashion publication. Does this mean something important is about to happen? 

3D Printing Hits CNN - And Not “Just Because”

A recent legal controversy involving 3D printing has risen to become one of CNN’s top news stories.

3D Printing Will Not Revolutionize the Food Industry

We’re watching a short video from MSN/CNN entitled, “3D Printing to Revolutionize the Food Industry”. We disagree. 

3D Printing Stereotypes in Media

We’re looking at an animated video featuring a 3D printer, but not just to be entertained.

The History of 3D Printing

There’s a lot more to 3D printing than the current craze of personal 3D machines.