The EORA 3D Scanner, Once More

Three years ago EORA 3D launched on Kickstarter; now you can buy directly.

Lumi's Strange Visualizer Now Available

A few months ago we wrote about Lumi Industries’ unusual 3D visualizer prototype. Now, it’s for real. 

A New Storage Mechanism for 3D Printer Filament

3D printer filament is often very high quality these days, at least from some manufacturers. 

Aurora Labs Now Working On 3D Printing Metal Powder System

Australia-Based Aurora Labs has been developing a powerful 3D metal printing system, but it turns out they’re also working on a metal powder system. 

BuildTak Seeking New Products?

BuildTak has established a successful business selling adhesive products for 3D printing, but that may change. 

nScrypt Demonstrates Ability to 3D Print Embedded Sensors for Medical Devices

nScrypt, a manufacturer of industrial 3D printers and bioprinting tools, has announced the ability to 3D print medical implants with embedded circuits and sensors. 

Battle of the Universal Spools?

We seem to have two proposed standards seeking acceptance.

Monitoring Your 3D Print for Recovery

The bane of every desktop 3D printer operator is the discovery of a print failure. 

Are Pellets Better Than Filament?

A company has introduced an attachment for desktop 3D printers to use pellets instead of filament. 

Hands on with the Retouch3D

The Retouch3D is an inexpensive finishing tool that’s specifically designed for 3D printing. 

New Possibilities With The New Artec Ray 3D Scanner

Artec annuounced a different kind of 3D scanner, the Artec Ray.

Good News: Prusa Abandons Original MK3 MultiMaterial Design

Josef Prusa provided an update on his company’s progress on building, improving and shipping their new MK3 3D printers, but also announced a big change.

Converting a CNC into a 3D Metal Printer?

This could be a very big idea: 3D Hybrid Solutions announced a system to convert everyday CNC machines into powerful 3D metal printers. 

Could This Be The Ultimate 3D Printer Nozzle?

Dyze Design has been producing interesting 3D printer components for years, but now they’re about to unleash something very powerful.

Standardizing Screwy Hot Ends?

An interesting post from E3D-Online proposes a new standard for mounting the heatsink for 3D printer hot ends. 

Finally: A Desktop Fume Extractor Project

This is something I’ve been interested in for some time: an inexpensive fume extractor you can make yourself. 

Formlabs Gets Some Tank Competition

One sign of corporate success is the appearance of compatible parts and materials, and that’s what’s happened to Formlabs. 

The MasterSpool Concept: A Great Idea, But Does It Have Legs?

We’re watching a video proposal from RichRap on how 3D printer filament should be spooled. 

Water Cooled Hot End!

A Kickstarter project proposes an inexpensive water cooled head for 3D printers. 

Intel Brings 3D Capabilities to Any Device with the RealSense Depth Camera Series

Good news for those looking to add 3D capabilities to any device or machine as Intel recently released their RealSense 400 series depth cameras.