Is Autodesk Winning the Free CAD War?

I’ve noticed a bit of a trend, at least informally, regarding use of free 3D CAD suites.

3D Metal Printing: Picking the Right Process

A piece from Fabrisonic explains how their process might be better than others, but it suggests a pattern across all 3D printing processes. 

Are 3D Print Services Better?

After reading Matt Sand’s story earlier this week, I am now thinking a bit differently about 3D print services. 

Metal 3D Printing: Seven Trends & Emerging Tech

I recently presented to a sold-out audience at MD&M East, a leading conference in manufacturing medical devices and surgical instruments. 

Should Premade GCODE Be Used?

I’ve seen pre-made GCODE a few times recently, and I am a bit suspicious of it. 

Indo Pacific Implications of 3D Printing?

I’m reading a two-part story talking about how 3D printing may affect the Indo Pacific region. 

Deepmind's 3D Capabilities: Productive or Scary?

Google’s DeepMind project has developed some interesting 3D capabilities. 

Another Industry Ripe for 3D Printing: Military

An amusing story on got me thinking about how industry uses - or doesn’t use 3D printing. 

Someone Moves into a 3D Printed Home: Is This Really The Future?

News last week that a family is moving into a 3D printed home got me thinking. 

4 Ways 3D Printing Can Revolutionize Automobile Manufacturing

The automobile sector is booming.

Some Advice for 3D Printing Companies Thinking of Attending CES 2019

We have some thoughts about attending CES in 2019. 

Is 3D Printing a Logistics Solution?

An interesting question was raised regarding the use of 3D printing. 

Will 3D Printers "Bring Back Jobs"?

Over the past few years I’ve heard some propose that 3D printers may “bring back jobs”. 

Third Party 3D Printer Resin Thoughts

Virtually all major resin-powered 3D printers today can use the manufacturer’s materials. 

3D Printer Purchases: Is It Now Only About Price?

Today I’m thinking about how price has become a major factor in 3D printer sales. 

The Need For A Standard Spool Label

Here’s the situation: a print is running at the lab, and the filament is running short. 

Look for More 3D Printing Accessory Devices

There’s a trend in 3D printing these days: accessories. 

What is "Make On Demand"?

I’m reading a press release from Rize that describes a new service that performs “Make on Demand”. 

3D Printing May Change Mass Manufacturing Expectations

I had a thought about how the integration of 3D printing into manufacturing may change how we think about products. 

Learning to Apply a New 3D Printing Technology

I’m always fascinated with unusual 3D printing processes, and Fabrisonic certainly qualifies.