Full Color 3D Printing: One on One with Mimaki

3D printing is now becoming widespread, but full color 3D printing is still a rare thing. 

The 4th Dimension: Formlabs, Lasers, and the Next Frontier in 3D Printing [Exclusive Interview]

The 4th Dimension is a new series where we go behind the scenes with leaders in 3D printing to add a new dimension.

Linda Pouliot – “I would love to see advances in the speed and durability of the products printed”

Linda Pouliot is a serial entrepreneur specializing in robotics, based in Silicon Valley.

Laurence Berthoud-Lafarge – “Manufacturing will have to adapt to technical changes, pollution problems related to transport, waste caused by overproduction”

Laurence is the founder of a fablab and “La Fab”, a 3D Printing service company.

Laura Gilmour – “It’s now an industry I’m passionate about because of the promise it has for improving medicine and medical devices for years to come”

As the Global Medical Business Development Manager of EOS North America, Laura Gilmour oversees more than 20 medical device OEMs and contract manufacturers using EOS technology around the world. 

Greta D’Angelo – “It was really fun and inspiring spending whole days in the lab, getting our hands dirty and discovering new things every day”

Greta is a multidisciplinary engineer born and raised in Italy. 

Jennifer A. Prioleau – “I spend a good part of my time thinking about the potential legal uncertainties and risks 3D printing could present"

Jennifer A. Prioleau is Division Counsel at HP Inc. for the 3D Printing business. 

Chantelle Sims – “Look! I’m 3D Printing men!”

Chantelle Sims came to engineering late in life, enrolling in Portland Community College’s Civil/Mechanical Engineering Technology (CMET) program as a 43 year old. 

Resha Agarwal – “3D printing has already broken the barriers of traditional ways of design. Similarly, we have to break the traditional belief that manufacturing is a man’s game”

 Resha Agarwal

Resha Agarwal

Resha Agarwal is the Marketing Head at Imaginarium India Pvt Ltd

As such, she is responsible for marketing initiatives of the company, catering to a vast array of industries ranging from jewelry, medical, automotive to education.

Nora Toure: Resha, could you let us know about your background and what brought you into 3D printing in the first place?

Resha Agarwal: This may sound very cheesy, but it was love and marriage that got me into 3D printing!
I was first introduced to 3D printing in 2009, by my then boyfriend (now husband), while he was pursuing his Masters in Rapid Product Development from De Montfort University, UK. We used to discuss his assignments, ongoing projects, and his internship. Back then, I had thought of 3D printing as something very interesting and something relevant only for engineers.
I come from a marketing and communication background. Having studied Consumer Psychology and Economics, my interest lies in exploring and comprehending ethnographic and individual shopping behavior. Hence, RP (rapid prototyping) or 3D printing was nothing but “engineering” for me.
Come 2012, we decided to get married and the first condition was to move in together. He was employed with Materialise in Malaysia while I was with TomTom (the GPS and navigation giant) in India. It was then that I thought of applying for a marketing position in Materialise Malaysia and here I am, six years down the line happily married and 3D printing!

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Irene Healey – “My strengths are coming up with new designs for prostheses and working with patients to develop products specific to their needs”

Irene Healey is a visual artist and Certified Clinical Anaplastologist

Kadine James – “The Fourth Industrial Revolution is changing the way we receive information, how we process it, how we work and what jobs we will do. It is happening at an unprecedented pace”

Learner, maker, innovator & 3D technology enthusiast, Kadine James is Hobs studio’s 3D Tech Lead. Combining 6+ years’ experience in 3D Printing, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and Mixed Reality. 

Priyanka Nadig – “At the end of the day the skill set of the person oversees the gender”

Priyanka Nadig is the Assistant Manager-Materials Engineering at Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd, a Metal Additive Manufacturing company in Bangalore, India.

Laura Griffiths – “Often the most interesting stories are those where 3D printing isn’t the primary focus”

Laura Griffiths is the Deputy Group Editor at TCT Magazine, the magazine for design-to-manufacturing innovation. 

Fawn Medesha – “3D printed homes could quickly provide housing for disaster victims”

As Founder and CEO of It’s 3D Now! Fawn Medesha owns a 3D printing services organization

Lucie Pertuisel – “It is really fascinating to what extent we can replicate the human anatomies through 3D printing technology”

Manual, thorough and passionate about the realization of objects, Lucie Pertuisel oriented herself towards engineering and industry work early on in order to perfect her craftsman skills. 

Julie Reece – “The consumer 3D printing bubble burst and now we are wisely back to focusing on the fast-growth industrial market”

Formerly the Director of Marketing at Mcor Technologies, 3D Systems and Z Corporation, and having held senior marketing and leadership team positions in global companies across industries, Julie joined Rize as Vice President of Marketing. 

Karen Dubbin – “Bioprinting serves an unmet need in tissue engineering”

Karen has studied biomaterials for almost 10 years during both her undergraduate career at MIT and graduate work at Stanford. 

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Kristel Van den Bergh – “3D Printing is not the Panacea some claim it to be – but the untapped potential is huge!”

Kristel Van den Bergh is a creative intrapreneur with a deep passion for people and technology.