Whither Thingiverse, YouMagine and PinShape?

I had a difficult thought today: what is to become of several specific 3D model repositories in the future?

Possible Controversy on Thingiverse?

I found an interesting 3D model at Thingiverse, but then something happened. 

3D Print The Moon - Or At Least Some Bits Of It

I bumped into some ready-to-3D print 3D models of the lunar surface. 

See How McLaren Uses VR for Car Body Design

Before automobile technology even reached the point where two cup holders in a single car was an ovation inducing breakthrough

This is Not the #3DBenchy You're Looking For

I read some posts proposing an alternate test print for 3D printing. 

Stratasys Accelerates Multi-material Strategy

An interesting announcement today reveals more about Stratasys’ strategies. 

The Dangers of 3D Printing Your Own Designs

The emergence of easy making technologies has transformed many people into “makers”, but are there hidden dangers?

Are 3D Printed Costumes Feasible?

A 3D model respository seems to specialize in 3D printed costume items, but is this really feasible?

An Extensive Library of 3D Parts Models

I’ve been perusing PARTcommunity and found access to an incredible number of 3D part models.

Designer Kirby Downey Bring Doom’s BFG to Life

Doom is arguably the quintessential first-person shooter that spawned one of the most popular video game genres of all time. 

The 3D Printable OpenLOCK Gaming System

Gamers are a popular user community employing desktop 3D printers to enhance their gaming experience, and now there’s a new project that should make that usage even easier. 

A New Set of Anatomical 3D Models

There’s a large new set of 3D models focused on anatomy, courtesy of a collaboration between Threeding.com and Artec. 

ISIS-Destroyed Artifacts Begin To Digitally Resurrect

A project to digitally recover ancient artifacts destroyed by ISIS fanatics has begun to bear fruit. 

Hands On With The Morphi App

We’re testing Morphi on one of our lab iPads, and it seems to be a very good introductory 3D modeling tool.

Materialise Patents a 3D Gripper?

We just noticed an unusual patent application from 3D print service Materialise: a three-fingered “gripper”. What does this mean? 

Apollo 11 Coming Soon To Your 3D Printer?

A team from The Smithsonian and Autodesk are performing an intricate 3D scan of the actual Apollo 11 capsule. 

Printable Scenery’s Winterdale RPG Collection

Printable Scenery has been producing 3D models for RPGs for quite a while, but now they’ve launched a huge new collection. 

i.Materialise Now Accepts 42 3D File Formats. One is 3MF

3D print service i.Materialise announced they’re now able to accept uploads of no less than 42 different 3D file formats. 

Thingiverse Hits The Biggest Milestone

MakerBot’s in-house 3D model repository made history this week by achieving what no other 3D printable model site has done: one million models!

3DKitbash’s Fascinating Test Kits

3DKitbash is a 3D model community dedicated to printable models, but their inventory includes some interesting twists.