3D Printing Trends Updated

3D Hubs released their latest trends report today.

Plant-Based 3D Printing Material Developed by ORNL

The power of 3D printing lies in the materials

Cartilage Filament for Bioprinting Developed

Researchers at Penn State have developed an unusual way to bioprint cartilage.

Repairing Potholes with 3D Printers?

I’m watching an unusual video of a strange concept: fixing potholes with 3D printers on board drones. 

Photochromic 3D Printing Under Development

Researchers at the University of Nottingham have developed what might be called “Photochromic 3D printing”. 

Wohlers Issues 2018 Report

There are an increasing number of industry reports on the 3D printing industry, but one report is the most well known. 

Fictiv's View of 3D Printing

Fictiv released a survey of their community that sheds some light on 3D print practices. 

Sculpteo Releases Annual 3D Print Survey Results

3D print service Sculpteo performs an extensive annual survey of the industry. 

Finally: Automatic 3D Print Material Optimization?

New research may show a path towards completely automated tuning for 3D printing. 

Yet Another Fascinating Approach Enabled by 3D Printing

I’m reading a story on how 3D printing technology enabled a new kind of product testing. 

MIT and BMW Just Developed 3D Printed Liquid Inflatables

Fans of inflatable bouncy castles and comfy car seats have reason to rejoice because 3D-printed inflatables are now a thing! 

Finally: Automatic 3D Print Material Optimization?

New research may show a path towards completely automated tuning for 3D printing. 

Breakthrough: Fine Detail Voxel 3D Scanning and Printing

Researchers from MIT have developed a new technique to enable highly detailed multimaterial 3D prints from 3D scanners.

Could Cheaper Carbon Nanotube 3D Printer Materials Be On The Way?

A new development might lower the cost of 3D print material that uses carbon nanotubes. 

3D Printable Glass?

Research from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie suggests the possibility of cold 3D printed glass objects. 

Could We Propose Thermoelectric Filament?

I’m reading some interesting research from MIT researchers, who have developed a substance with vastly improved thermoelectric properties. 

BigRep Working on Unusual Extruder

According to insiders, it seems that BigRep is secretly developing a potentially revolutionary new 3D printer extruder. 

Resin Print Recycling Method Invented: Is The Planet Saved?

A method has been discovered that allows moderate recycling of photopolymer 3D prints. 

Union Tech's Marking Experiment

There seems to be rising interest in 3D print marking schemes. 

Thermorph: A New 4D Printing Concept

Researchers at CMU’s Morphing Matter Lab have developed a technique for 4D printing that could prove popular.