Surprise: Prusa Releases MK3 Desktop 3D Printer

Unexpectedly, Prusa announced a significantly improved desktop 3D printer, the MK3. 

Noted 3D Designer Turns Paid Designs Into Free Downloads

Israeli 3D designer Asher Nahmias, aka Dizingof, has unexpectedly marked many incredible designs as free downloads.

Design of the Week: Aposema Mask

This week’s selection is the very strange Aposema mask by Adidas Meyer, Silvia Rueda and Sirou Peng. 

The T3D Smartphone 3D Printer is Now Available For Order

Some months ago we ran a story about a unique desktop 3D printer, the T3D. Now you can order one. 

HRL Laboratories Enables 3D Printing Impossible Metal Alloys

This is quite interesting: a new approach to enable 3D metal printing of metal alloys that were previously extremely difficult to use. 

Profound Implication of That 3D Face Reconstruction Service

I realized something utterly fascinating about the 3D Face Reconstruction project we wrote on this week.

The Critical Importance of Certifications in the 3D Metal Market

An announcement today triggered some thoughts about the importance of certifications for companies in the 3D metal printing market.

Elementum 3D Strengthens Metal Powders for 3D Printing

Market research firm IDTechEx predicts that the global market for 3D printing metals will hit $12 billion by 2028.

Guess What? Standard HEPA Filters May Not Solve 3D Printer Emissions

There’s been much ado about nanoparticle emissions from desktop 3D printers, but one solution may actually not be one. 

Digital Metal Officially Launches the DM P2500 3D Metal Printer

Digital Metal, part of Sweden-based Höganäs AB, has now launched their incredible 3D metal printer, the DM P2500. 

3DMonstr’s Super New 3D Printer Series

Going by their name, 3DMonstr must produce large 3D printers, but now they’re even larger. 

Dassault Systemes Points Elbows to Sky, Launches SOLIDWORKS 2018

Well, props to the mom’s of 1,000,000+ designers and engineers who, for reasons unbeknownst to them, gave a collective high-five from the sheer excitement of their sons and daughters learning SOLIDWORKS 2018 was indeed released and now available.

Incredible Breakthrough in 3D Face Scanning

UK researchers have developed a very effective method of producing reasonably accurate 3D models from a single, 2D image. 

A “Bulldozer” Solution to Continuous 3D Printing

Thingiverse constributor Aad van der Geest has proposed - and prototyped - a 3D printer add-on for continuous 3D printing. 

Every 3D Polyhedron You’d Ever Want to 3D Print

Stella, a “Polyhedron Navigator” provides a way to very quickly generate almost any type of polyhedron. 

Sarah Goldberg – “I would love for 3D Printing to be even more democratized”

Sarah Goldberg wears many hats.

Autodesk Remakes ReMake into ReCap Photo

One of the best cloud services for photogrammetry just changed itself around. 

The Dangers of 3D Printing Your Own Designs

The emergence of easy making technologies has transformed many people into “makers”, but are there hidden dangers?

A 3D Printed Building Rises in Copenhagen, But Is This Ready For Wide Use?

The “3D Printed Construction Partnership” has begun extruding a hotel/office in Copenhagen.

Possibly Game-Changing 3D Print Spinoff From NASA?

NASA announced they’re working on something called the “Refabricator”, and I’m wondering where this is going.