Seven 3D Printing Trends in 2017

As another year closes, it’s time to reflect on what’s happened in 3D printing. 

“3D Printing” Will Eventually Disappear. Maybe

I often write on the phenomenon of 3D printing and here’s more thoughts for you.

Artec’s Truly Portable 3D Scanner - But it’s a Workout

We had a chance to check out Artec’s latest 3D scanner, the “Leo”.

Kwambio's Back

Well, well, we hadn’t heard from Kwambio for literally years, but suddenly they are back. 

Ferris State CAD Students Have a Near-100% Job Placement Rate

While the oft-neglected humanities may provide university students with the tools for critical and creative thinking

Xact Metal Looking Sharp, Working on XM300

One must look at Xact Metal’s approach if you’re interested in 3D metal printing. 

Is 3D Printed Furniture Practical? Yes, But Not How You May Think

With the advent of large-scale 3D printers, one is tempted to 3D print furniture.

The Family of the Future Project

In spite of considerable press coverage and increasing use, 3D printing technology is still a mystery to many businesses. A new project hopes to change that. 

OR Laser's Hybrid 3D Metal Printer

OR Laser gained their fame last year by announcing a powerful 3D metal printer. Now it just got better. 

LG Announces Drool-Worthy 34-Inch 5K Monitor Ahead of CES 2018

With another year just about coming to a close, companies who are gearing up to show off their latest wares at CES in Las Vegas in early January are already getting a head start on the news cycle.

A Culture of Making "Anythings": More 3D Printing Misunderstandings

I noticed a tweet from Mashable that got me a bit riled. 

BASF: Something for Everyone in 3D Printing

At FormNext we had occasion to visit BASF and came out very impressed. 

FitForLaunch: Something Needed for Many Startups

Have you ever invested in a crowdfunding launch and been disappointed? Me too. But that doesn’t always have to happen. 

Three Years for Women in 3D Printing

One of our blogging partners, Women in 3D Printing is having an anniversary.

The Next Target for 3D Printing: Worldwide Inventories

I’ve been hearing this from a number of directions lately, but let’s put it all together: parts inventories are going to die. 

Primax3D Surprised by Demand for Gigantic 3D Printers

Many startups do a “pivot” early in their lifecycle, and Primax is no exception.

Sindoh’s 3DWox 2X Desktop 3D Printer

Sindoh makes some of the easiest to use 3D printers you can buy, but now they have a new one.

Niche 3D Printers Are Feasible

With big companies moving into the 3D printer space, is there any room left for the small guys? 

Is 3D Printed Furniture Practical?

With the advent of large-scale 3D printers, one is tempted to 3D print furniture.

Switch to Ceramic 3D Printing with StoneFlower

A new kit to convert your desktop 3D printer to ceramic capability is about to launch.