That’s My Face!

Well, that’s not any of us in the picture above – it’s actually from a video of the “Thats My Face” 3D print service. It’s another head-print service that we’ve been writing about lately. It’s one of the many face-oriented print concepts they provide. Pricing: “From USD$109”.

Like the others, it seems that you simply upload a couple of police-lineup-style photos and their sophisticated software will transform that into a 3D model. (The “Bad” photo examples are hysterical, btw.) However, there’s a couple of tweaks you can do:

  • Change race
  • Change age
  • Change gender (!)
  • Caricature
  • Beautified
We’re resisting the urge to twist the “Beautify” button to max.

Via Thats My Face and Videos at Creative

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