ANSYS Startup Program Gives Affordable CAE, HPC and Cloud to the Masses

By on November 10th, 2017 in Software

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 The ANSYS startup program
The ANSYS startup program

One of the biggest barriers to bringing computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools to startups is the exorbitant price tag associated with the technology.

No matter how much you democratize a user interface or workflow, it won’t grow the number of simulation users if they can’t afford it.

Many cloud options have been popping up to help reduce the cost of CAE tools or even offer CAE for free. However, these tools may not be as complete, affordable and/or flexible as your organization might need.

In comes ANSYS and Rescale with their new startup program that aims to offer CAE quickly and cost effectively to small businesses. 

“Through the power of simulation, our customers are driving product innovation, improving product quality and reducing development cost,” said Paul Lethbridge, senior manager of the ANSYS Startup Program. “With Amazon Web Service (AWS) and Rescale, we’re providing startups with cloud-based access that also eliminates the overhead of workstation-class hardware and software—empowering startups to allocate more of their funding toward developing innovative technology and products.”

Engineers on the ANSYS Startup Program gain access to:

  • AWS cloud storage
  • Rescale’s expandable cloud compute services
  • ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation suite for multiphysics simulations

Everything is available within a browser, so no complex installs, or local computing, are needed to run the software.


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