Kickstarter Hardware Studio Launches New Badge System for Product Fulfillment

 New programs for startups at Kickstarter
New programs for startups at Kickstarter

While the mission behind Kickstarter is great for “small guy” entrepreneurs with a good idea and enough chutzpah to launch it into the world via the internet, the ending result isn’t always so great for some project backers.

Although the company doesn’t report an official number (nor would they), one only needs to do a quick Google search to see how many Kickstarter projects were DOA — most swallowing up early backer funds with them.

To better communicate development progress with backers, the Brooklyn-based crowdfunding company has debuted a new badge system under their Hardware Studio Connection to help standardize the process of bringing a hardware product to market. The system is an extension of the company’s Hardware Studio initiative launched last year to assist hardware creators in bringing their products to market in partnership with Avnet and Dragon Innovation. All participants in Connection will have a “Hardware Studio” badge under their project video. One of the first Kickstarter projects to take advantage of this new service is the Syphon Wine Preserver:

Syphon – The future of wine preservation

Syphon is raising funds for Syphon – The future of wine preservation on Kickstarter! Syphon is a wine preserver that uses argon to pour wine. Enjoy a single glass without having to finish the bottle.

 Details of Kickstarter's new program
Details of Kickstarter’s new program

“Hardware is a long journey: design, prototyping, supply-chain management, manufacturing, and delivery,” explains the company. “That’s a lot to prepare for. Many creators run into challenges and need help along the way. Avnet and Dragon Innovation are experts at solving these kinds of problems. That’s why we’ve teamed up to offer Hardware Studio Connection.”

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