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Carbon 3D Printing Goes To Dental School

The Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine (GSDM) at Boston University became the first dental school in the U.S.A. to install and implement a Carbon M series 3D printer.

Stratasys Introduces a New 3D Printer to its Dental Line

Stratasys has introduced a new addition to its line of dental printers, the Objet260 Dental Selection. Leveraging Stratasys’ unique triple-jetting technology, the Objet260 Dental Selection raises the bar in 3D printed dental model realism to improve the accuracy and efficacy of digital dentistry.

An Introduction to Dental 3D Printing

Many of our readers are operate or are keenly interested in personal 3D printers, but they are also aware that 3D printing was originally used for industrial uses. One of those uses is in dentistry, where “personalized fit” is essential. Creating one-time unique dental shapes is the business of dentists and 3D printing technology is… Continue reading An Introduction to Dental 3D Printing

Objet Organizes a Dental System

3D printer manufacturer Objet has joined dental scanning provider 3Shape to create an integrated workflow solution specifically for dental restorations. The solution links 3D models produced by 3Shape’s dentist-focused scanning equipment and software directly into Objet’s Eden 3D printers. According to Avi Cohen, Head of Medical Solutions at Objet Geometries, the solution:    includes special… Continue reading Objet Organizes a Dental System

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Dental Scanning

We’ve all been to the dentist (you have gone, haven’t you?) and from time to time we need to get replacement teeth or portions thereof. The dentist makes you bite into rubber or plastic moulds to capture the 3D shape of the required parts and then sends it off for custom manufacturing. But Is there… Continue reading Dental Scanning

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Ric Fulop’s AM 2.0 Dream Lives On

In the wake of the Stratasys merger shipwreck, Desktop Metal is more confident than ever that it can achieve mass production (and profitability) on its own.

Which 3D print company is the biggest this week? [Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay]

Who’s The Biggest In 3D Printing, May 14, 2023

Once again we take a look at the valuations of the major 3D printing companies over the past week.