3D Printing The Tiniest Tools

I spoke with Avi Cohen, EVP Sales at Nanofabrica, for a look into why micro-scale precision in 3D printing is a huge achievement.

Patenting Pandemic Designs?

3D printing has really stepped up to the plate in pandemic response — but what happens with those designs post-pandemic?

3D Printable Glass?

Research from the Karlsruher Institut für Technologie suggests the possibility of cold 3D printed glass objects. 

3D Print Community: PotterDraw

This month’s community support selection is PotterDraw, a software project to very easily generate vases and other cylindrical shapes. 

Precision Health Care Driven by 3D Systems’ Medical 3D Printing

In a world of exploding smartphones, fictional augmented reality (AR) glasses and government spying, one might wonder whether or not new technology really advances the human predicament or if it just allows a few executives to score some extra dough here and there. 

Can You Be 3D Scanned?

We recently were contacted by a reader interested in 3D scanning  a person. The answers to their questions may be of interest to other readers, too. 

uformit’s Adaptive 3D Print Service

We had a peek at format’s new technology in NYC earlier this year, but now everyone can make use of it as they’ve just launched their new 3D print site. 

Color Mixing on the Connex3

Stratasys’ latest 3D printer series, the Connex3, is able to produce a wide variety of 3D objects with multiple properties. As we posted earlier, the

3D Printing Helps the Blind See

3D Print UK reports they’ve been working on a special project that has been able to provide limited sight to the vision impaired.    The

Google Class: Modded By 3D Printing

A new Kickstarter project uses 3D printing to produce “cap” for your Google Glass. GlassKap, a project launched by Todd Blatt, hopes to raise funds

3D Modeling with Leopoly

A new browser-based 3D modeling tool has emerged: Leopoly. The new service presents simple-to-use methods of creating 3D objects.    Leopoly focuses on the community

3D Model Captured With Google Glass

Google Glass is a set of glasses that include processing, networking and sensory elements. It’s an experimental platform upon which developers many now invent new

More Advanced 3D Interfaces Brewing

California-based Atheer is developing an advanced wearable 3D visual display that should be available in 2014. The as-yet-unnamed product appears to be a set of

Visit the Cube Bar!

There are many interesting things to see at Euromold if you’re into 3D printing, but perhaps the most noticeable is 3D Systems’ incredible “Cube Shop

The zSpace System

  There’s something inherently difficult trying to do 3D modeling on a 2D display. We usually have the ability to spin models around and your

The Importance of Clear

We’ve been fortunate to be able to examine some 3D printed objects from Objet in their Vero Clear material first hand. While we’ve seen clear

Printing Craters

Printing landscapes is something that’s been done before on 3D printers, but how about this? Print a 3D replica of an actual lunar crater.   

Cloud9 V2 Leads to Chameleon Bliss

A flurry of press releases rained down upon us this week to announce the availability a new version of Anarkik Angels’ amazing software modelling tool

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