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Origo, The 3D Printer for Kids

You might think 3D printing is hard. Well, it certainly can be. But now Artur Tchoukanov and Fabbaloo friend Joris Peels’ new venture Origo attempts to change all that. They’re making Origo – a 3D printer specifically designed for children. Imagine what ten-year olds could do with a 3D printer!    The question we’d immediately… Continue reading Origo, The 3D Printer for Kids

Top Tweeted Posts of 2011

Many Fabbaloo readers use Twitter to keep their friends informed of important 3D printing news by retweeting links to our posts. The most frequently retweeted posts are possibly the most interesting, as least according to our readers. But which posts were most frequently retweeted? These were the top ten in 2011:   Sneakey Captures Your… Continue reading Top Tweeted Posts of 2011

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3D Printing Event Soon

If you happen to be in Eindhoven on the 25th, you might head down to 3D Printing Event 2011. The theme of the event is something we focus on: 3D printing at home.    You’ll be able to attend seminars that discuss the theme in depth, and you can also peruse the offerings of many… Continue reading 3D Printing Event Soon