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Stratasys FDM 900mc

Stratasys is showing off their new FDM 900mc Additive Fabrication System at the Frankfurt EuroMold trade show. While WAY out of the financial range of hobbyists, this device uses different movement technology to ensure finer control over additive mechanisms, resulting in greater printed resolution. The big feature is a truly massive 3x2x3 foot build chamber, which is fantastically larger than pretty much anything else.

The device is intended for professional manufacturers or services that produce short production runs that otherwise would be prohibitively expensive. We suspect the FDM 900mc will sooner or later be made available to hobbyists via web-based 3D print services. So perhaps those tiny build chamber restrictions will go away? According to the press release, seven devices have so far been ordered for delivery in 2008.

One interesting tidbit about the FDM 900mc is that some 32 of its parts are themselves made with direct digital manufacturing.

Via BusinessWire

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