More 3D Figurine Services

More 3D Figurine ServicesThere seems to be a sudden outbreak of services for printing 3D figures lately. Fabjectory has been around for a while, but the blogosphere was lit up on Figureprints just a few days ago. Now I find another one: a German service called “Fabidoo”. No English on their site, but thanks to the miracle of translation, I can tell you a little bit about how it works.

After registration, you select a figurine from their library, or you can design your own. They seem to have an extensive library of over 100 multicolored shapes to choose from, in three different sizes. I get the sense that their library is fluid and constantly changing with new inventions. Selected figurines are printed and sent to you. Simple! Fabidoo also explains how they make the figures with a 3D Printer.

I am always wondering how 3D printing is going to break out into the mainstream, and with today’s discovery it appears that there is definitely a niche business in making small figurines. With the massive size of today’s gaming, could figurines be the start of the mainstream for 3D printing services? Once established, what other objects might these services build for us?

Via Fabidoo

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