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"Will 3D Printing Finally Go Mainstream?"

Apparently so - this article appears twice: once in C|NET and again in FrogDesign. Tim Lebrecht, Director of Marketing for frog design (frog is most famous for designing many Apple products) postulates that the emergence of several 3D printing services, such as Jujups and Cosmic Modelz is a result of recent price-shattering devices such as Z Corp's 3D printers.

While promising, Tim says "we're still sitting here with our seat belts fastened" waiting for the 3D revolution. We at Fabbaloo also believe it's coming, and new 3D print services will popularize the concept even more.

Consider that every World of Warcraft player may now print their character with FigurePrints. This is because FigurePrints simply took 3D print technology and applied it to a specific domain. We'll see many more experiments like this in the near future, as innovative geniuses around the world find similar niches.

Via frogdesign and C|NET

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