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Bowyer Raps on Rep-Rap

At Poptech 2007 Adrian Bowyer presented concepts of machine reproduction, focusing on the open source project, RepRap. Yes, that's correct: machines replicating themselves. RepRap is an open project attempting to be the first "practical self-copying 3D printer". In the 18 minute video Bowyer shows us a breakdown of the machine, including delineating which of its own parts can presently be replicated by the machine and those it is not yet capable of replicating. While much of the electronics cannot yet be self-fabbed, they are always easily purchased at low cost. However, eventually RepRap will be able to print out copies of itself. Bowyer says the machine's design, obviously, must be open source - because you'd only be able to sell one self-replicating machine!

Via Pop!Tech

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