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Electric Light Shoe

Freedom of Creation is at it again - this time creating an astonishing 3D shoe for a Japanese marketing campaign. The project was quite complex, as one can see from the incredible detail in the shoe object. From the press release:

After seeing the concept from StawberryFrog, Janne Kyttanen and Mads Thomsen conceived a microcosm that features an astounding visual impact: an endless flow of multi-sensorial stimuli that reproduces and simultaneously deconstructs and reinvents the unmistakable outline of the Onitsuka Tiger shoe. The apparent visual unity of the project encloses an incredible iconic succession of Japanese urban culture. One part of the shoe magically transforms into a landing strip for jets, while the Onitsuka Tiger distinguishing side bands become highways that lead to an imaginary world of exceptional magnificence and intricacy.

Be sure to watch the "making of" video, read the press release and watch the final commercial. Magnificent work, FOC!


Via FreedomOfCreation


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