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We've encountered another interesting 3D print service. Most of them specialize in one aspect or another, and PrintAPart is no exception. They are squarely addressing the hobbyists, modelers and jewelers market, with ample examples of each. They use a 3D printer (unnamed, but perhaps Fabbaloo readers can identify it from the limitations specifications. Maximum part size: 13.13 cm × 17.45 cm × 4.34 cm.)

Pricing is by volume of media consumed, as do most 3D print services. An example part pricing shows pricing ranging from approximately USD$19 for a part less than 1 inch per side to USD$100-120 for the same part with more than 2 inches per side.

Unlike some more consumer-friendly services, PrintAPart assumes you have your own 3D model. At this time, they accept only .STL format files.

And finally, their output only comes in blue. We really like blue, though. Honest!


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