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3D Printing is Name This'd

Yeah, that's an awkward title for certain. But it's about an interesting name validation on NameThis.

For those that are not familiar, Name This is a Web2.0 service that crowdsources the generation of names for products, services, sites or groups. If you want a name, you post a description and then Name This's users have 48 hours to generate and rank names. The requester pays USD$99 and a portion of this fee is distributed among the leading suggesters.

In the aforementioned validation, someone wanted a name for a Z Corp rapid prototyping cooperative. The winning three candidates were "Solid Brainwaves", "" and "Idearches". We found the dozens of other suggestions quite interesting as well, because as you read between the lines you get a feel for how the general public views the state of 3D printing.

Via Name This

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