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David Scans in 3D for Free!

Well, almost. The David 3D Laserscanner software can do some of the job using  equipment you probably have lying around your shop. You need a handheld laser, a calibration backdrop, a good webcam and the David-Laserscanner software running on a Windows PC.

Yes, we did say "handheld laser". The system requires your hand and arm to be the scanning actuator. Admit it, we all want to be robots, don't we?

But that is the key to the system. It's extremely low cost, and in fact the basic David-Laserscanner software is available free of charge. A "professional" version can be purchased for 199 EUR that permits high-res saves, .STL format and a non-trial version of their "Fusion" product to stitch views together into a complete 360 degree model. They're also working on a real actuator version.

Don't believe us? Check out their overview right here.

Via David Laserscanner

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