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Oklahoma 3D Printing

We've seen 3D printers appear at many educational institutions across the world and reported on them previously. Here's another example, this time at Oklahoma City Community College as reported by the Pioneer Press.

While this type of event has been repeated many times over in other schools in the past and soon in the future, there were a few quotes in this article that, at least for us, captured the magic of 3D printing:

  • He saw the printer at a convention and begged for six years for OCCC to purchase it
  • It enables the students to actually hold and touch something they’ve created
  • The process is mesmerizing
  • I sat in front of [the printer] for over an hour
  • (Something is) taken from the virtual world to the real world and that’s a big leap
  • It opens up the imagination of what could be done

That's how we feel, too! Except for the part about watching the printer for an hour.

Via Pioneer Online

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