Paper Launched!

Remember mcor technologies? They are the folks building a 3D printer that uses plain old ordinary paper as its media. In fact, the printer is beyond development – they launched it two weeks ago at the TCT Exhibition in Coventry, UK.

According to their press release:

The Mcor Matrix is the only 3D printer in the world that can use ordinary/used A4 paper to make 3D objects. This key technology breakthrough shatters the industry’s cost barrier to universal access to 3D printing. Infact, the operating costs of using the Mcor Matrix is up to 50 times less expensive than competitors’ current technologies.

Mcor CEO, Dr Conor MacCormack believes a lower total cost of ownership will expand the market further and accelerate adoption into smaller companies in the area of engineering, design, and architecture and will reach out to every student in these disciplines. “Right now 3D printers are jewels not tool,” he says. The matrix will put multiple parts into multiple hands.

Models straight out of the Mcor Matrix have the appearance of a wood-carving and are – tough, durable and eco-friendly TM. The final models can be treated to give them a smooth, shiny finish and increases the life of the part, making it even more durable.


The Mcor Matrix is now available direct in Ireland and the UK and it is expected to be rolled out globally in 2009.

We think this is a wonderful concept that can get over the problem of expensive and difficult-to-find media that are often used by other 3D printers.

Via mcor technologies

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