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3dtotal GrowIts a Service

The variety of 3D printing services continues to astound us. This time we have a partnership arrangement between 3dtotal ("The CG Artist's Homepage) and GrowIt (a rapid prototyping print shop).

While the basic mechanics of the printing are provided by GrowIt, there is extensive instructions and assistance to model builders available on the 3dtotal site. Pricing, while based on volume like many printshops, is shown in terms of example figurines familiar to 3dtotal's model builders.

We think this is a terrific idea: link a well-run 3D print shop with a niche market, in this case model builders. Each side benefits, as do the model builders who now have an easy path to navigate for their printed objects. Consider what they would have to have gone through without this arrangement: learning about 3D printing, finding a suitable print service, determining the correct file format, ensuring their model is printable, sized correctly, etc.

Via 3dtotal and GrowIt

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