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Desktop Factory Update

Desktop Factory is a startup company seeking to build a usable 3D printer at a cost of less than USD$5,000. Their device is still under development, but we've seen some tantalizing evidence that they are getting closer to a release date, touted to be in 2009.

They've recently issued a status update, as they usually do in very transparent fashion. Here's the highlights we observed:

  • "the new imaging subsystem performing better than our prior solution"
  • "our team is resilient and committed to placing a few 3D printers very early in the year to conclude our customer acceptance testing"
  • They've developed a standard "diagnostic part", like a 2D printer's test page, that can be used to determine problems with the printers
  • They've been able to print challenging 3D designs that they've been unable to do previously. Pictures here, in the Gallery.
  • Their final focus is "reliability", implying that the features and functions of the device are now stabilized
  • Reliability problems remain with "bulb life and brush cleaning"
  • Customer acceptance testing commences in January 2009!

Via Desktop Factory

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