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Digital Stone Rises in China

We've seen examples of interesting uses previously, and here's another one. Four sculptors were to build exhibits for the Digital Stone Exhibition in China. The purpose of the exhibition was to demonstrate the links between the 21st century digital world and traditional stone carving techniques.

Western artists first produced some 20 3D models, "Digitally Sculpting". These completed designs were printed on a 3D printer, resulting in highly accurate small-scale models of the intended sculpture. The models were small enough "to fit in your hand".

That's exactly what was required by the next step: the models were handed over to expert Chinese stone sculptors, who used the models (presumably while holding them in their hands) to duplicate the design on a very large scale using actual stone.

Best quote: "It's better to make mistakes in electrons, than in granite," said artist Bruce Beasley.

3D prints may not be big, nor strong. But they can lead to things that are.

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