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Shapeways Bends Metal

Not for everyone, however. The metal is bent only for the winner of their "metal 3D printing contest", which closes on the 15th of January. Apparently the alloy metal is quite expensive and is being done only for the contest winner:

The material that is used is also more expensive, because it is a Titanium alloy. The machines and the process itself are much more expensive also. Just how expensive? To give you an indication: we estimate that the contest winners prize(which can be 10 cubic centimeters)will cost us around $1000 to $2000 depending on its size!

As this contest involves a totally new material for Shapeways, they've got numerous new rules that must be taken into account to permit the object to be successfully printed. Yes, metal is indeed different from plastic. In fact, Shapeways says, "It is by far our most challenging contest so far but then again it is not every day you get to win something that no one has ever won before".

Via Shapeways Blog and Shapeways Contest

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