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World's First Consumer 3D Camera - And it Prints, Too!

Before you get too excited, it's not what Fabbaloo readers might expect or want. Yes, the camera, pictured above, will indeed take 3D pictures as it clearly includes stereoscopic capability. And it (or an associated printer) will produce "3D Prints". But they are actually 2D prints that merely look 3D, like holograms.

According to the Channel NewsAsia article:

A “light direction control” module at the back of the LCD on the viewing system controls the direction of light to our right and left eye, enabling 3D viewing without the use of special 3D glasses. The printing system uses a fine-pitch lenticular sheet to produce a multiple-viewpoint 3D print.

Wonderful stuff, but it's not exactly the elusive "3D Object Capture" device we all secretly lust for.

Via Channel NewsAsia

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