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The Objet Eden260V

Objet, a manufacturer of 3D printers renowned for their ability to print objects using more than one type of print media, have announced a new device that goes well beyond their previous devices. The Eden260V is a small-footprint 3D printer suitable for office location.

Larger-scale Objet devices used their unique "Polyjet Matrix Technology" to print with more than one material. It's like the jump from a black and white inkjet printer to one with two colors.

The Eden260V doesn't seem to do that, but does offer the ability to print in all of many print materials made available by Objet. This contrasts with many smaller scale devices that simply use a single print medium. Objet's solution offers the ability to print dozens of materials in a variety of colors and physical characteristics. According to their press release:

Among the different Objet materials available for use in the Eden 260V™ are:

  • FullCure 720® Transparent, ideal for a wide range of rigid models, particularly where visibility of liquid flow or internal details is needed;
  • Vero, yielding opaque models in blue, black or white with good impact strength and the enhanced ability to withstand bending;
  • Tango, transparent, black or gray rubber-like materials that offer exceptional elongation, excellent toughness and durability, and high resistance to tearing; and
  • DurusWhite, designed to simulate the appearance, flexibility, strength and toughness of polypropylene.

Via Objet

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