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Objet in Hiring Mode?

We caught this interesting job offer posted on the Israeli job-hunting web service Aliyah Job Center. In the description, the anonymous company says:

We are currently seeking 2 positions. One is full time and the second is part time. We are currently developing an innovative technology in 3D printing field

and further, candidates must be equipped with:



  • 1+ years experience in C++ and VB
  • Experience in 3D Software application and geometrical mathematics
  • Flexibility, ability to work in a multi-tasked and dynamic environment
  • Quick and creative solution finding abilities
  • Strong Knowledge of Visual Studio 2005-03
  • Knowledge of CAD software

Now then, which Israeli-based company is involved with 3D Printing? We can think of only one: Objet, makers of the Eden series and the amazing two-materials-at-once Connex 3D printer.


If they're hiring, it could indicate good news for Objet, especially if they are expanding.

Via Aliyah Job Center and Objet

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