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Fabbing as a Futuristic Technology?

Melanie Swan, the principal of MS Futures Group, presents an inspiring list of eleven technologies that she believes will dramatically affect the future. Included in her list are such technologies as: biotechnology, nanotech, inexpensive access to outer space, virtual reality and a whole lot on artificial intelligence. Hidden in her list is fabbing, on which she postulates:

Ultimately, we would like to do a lot of things, including have a home appliance, a molecular synthesizer as shown here on a counter-top, supplied by electricity, water and element canisters that would make items on-demand: food, clothing from personally designed items or from designs found on the web.

This is precisely the vision we at Fabbaloo believe in. It's not here quite yet, but all the pieces are beginning to come together.


Via AcceleratingFuture

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