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Capture That Design!

Yet another way to obtain a 3D design for your 3D printer: handheld 3D laser scanners! Creaform's 2.1 pound Handyscan 3D laser scanner can capture a design from actual 3D objects. Features:


  • Accurate, fast and easy to use 3D digitizing scanner
  • Plug-&-Play system
  • Self-positioned without measurement arm
  • Single connection through FireWire port
  • High-definition camera & Crosshair laser beam
  • Real time surface reconstruction and 3D rendering visualization
  • Reflective targets or projector
  • Laboratory & Factory calibrated
  • Integrated with main applications on the market

We believe the most interesting aspect of a handheld scanner is that it removes size limitations, since other non-portable scanners generally have physical limits to their scan size. Hmm. Perhaps hand scanners do too, if you are trying to scan the Empire State Building. Don't Do That!


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