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The RepRap guys (who design and build homemade self-replicating replicators for hobbyist use) have an interesting discussion about online 3D model repositories. The big concern is the commanding lead that Google currently has over all other 3D source material. According to the post:

The Google 3D Warehouse has reached 300,000 objects, while the RepRap object library remains at seven. That size, coupled with the ease with which SketchUp and the 3D Warehouse integrate, has the potential to shut out open source software and place the world's object library in Google's hands.

The post continues on to suggest that volunteers create a free, open source repository for 3D models. We at Fabbaloo agree that this is a necessary action. In fact, we support the creation of many repositories, and fully expect that to happen when 3D scanning technology becomes widespread. Let's get started!


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