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ZEdit Unleashed

The big news this week was Z Corp's announcement of new software: ZEdit Pro, which is used to develop 3D designs suitable for printing on 3D printers. Of course, the software just happens to be optimized for use in Z Corp's line of 3D printers, but we suspect it works with other devices as well. Why not just use any old 3D modeling tool? Here's a few good reasons:

  • ZEdit ensures that the designs are actually printable - some 3D designs cannot easily be printed as portions of the model may require structural support during the printing process, and ZEdit will account for this.
  • It appears that ZEdit may be able to break apart designs into components which can be printed separately (in low-volume build chambers) and then assembled later using pre-calculated pins and holes to produce full size models (note pins in image).
  • ZEdit Pro can handle modeling formats not originally intended for printing, such as those used in the Gaming and Entertainment industries.
  • Color and texture design is now easily accomplished, as ZEdit includes simple a very user-friendly interface.

This move is reminiscent of Apple: publishing easy to use software that is tied to a hardware device. Will Z Corp be the Apple of 3D?


USD$2,500, available now. Oh, and you'll find a copy tucked into the box of any new Z Corp printer you buy these days too.

Via ZCorp

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