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Near Future Laboratory argues that manufacturing is giving way to what they term, "materialization", in which individuals produce unique designs based on their own thoughts and needs. They believe:

What makes it worth talking about is that it is the power of creation that manufacturing is able to achieve, but done at an entirely different scale - quicker, cheaper, individually, with fewer intermediaries and fewer incumberances. This is the crucial element - there are fewer and less awkward hurdles, deals, negotiations and alliances to be formed in the process of materializing an idea. The power of the idea and its “moment” is not lost through the trials of enrolling people, machines, enterprises, financiers into your cause. It’s as if a sketch in a notebook can materialize immediately. No more fumbling around with awkward descriptions of your weird idea - let the material object speak for you.

The perceive that 2D digital art is "growing tired of the screen", and in the future art will begin to move strongly toward the materialization process. We at Fabbaloo can do nothing but agree with that.


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